Diablo III 1.0.3 Patch is Now Live

Yesterday, the Diablo III 1.0.3 patch went live, bringing with it the first design tweaks to the game.

A host of new changes were added to the game. We’ve taken the liberty of outlining the most prominent changes.

Non-gameplay changes include adding Brazilian, Argentinian, and Chilean currencies to the auction house as well as friend list tweaks, where friends will now be sorted alphabetically by Real ID, then by Battle Tag. Chat settings will no longer reset for each gameplay, but will be saved after each log out.

Blizzard introduced a host of skill changes to all classes with the 1.0.3 patch. Monks have received a general update, allowing the class to now wield two-handed axes, swords, and maces.

This patch also pulled back on the bite of Inferno, reducing the difficulty of Act II-IV by reducing the damage that enemies can deal. I’m sure those of you who’ve already grind past a fair amount of Inferno are grumbling a bit, but everyone else is sighing in relief at the now less daunting prospect of getting through Inferno.

Drop rates for Hell and Inferno have been tweaked so that weapons level 61-63 will be dropped in Act III & IV of Hell and all Acts of Inferno. Obviously, drop rates are higher the tougher the Act is.

Crafting costs in both the gold and materials department have been reduced for both the blacksmith and artisan to better reflect Blizzard’s goal of the artisans being a resource for filling in the gaps of weapons and armor when nothing can be found looting. Unfortunately, that reduction doesn’t extend to repair costs. Repair costs for items level 53-63 have been increased, giving you all the more motivation to not die in Inferno… as if you had a choice.

Champion and Rare enemies will now be guaranteed to drop rare loot if Nephalem Valor is stacked up to five times. This means if you’ve been killing plenty of elite packs with the same build, you’ll definitely be seeing some rare loot.

The good news regarding enemies doesn’t end there. Plagued, Arcane Enchanted, and Electrified monsters, arguably some of the worst enemy types to face in the game, will no longer have resistances to their respective element type. This means Arcane Enchanted monster will not have increased resistances to Arcane Enchanted attacks.

You can catch all of the Diablo III 1.0.3 patch updates here.

Now back to clicking.

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  • tleavit
    Here is what they did to my DH. I was farming act 1 and almost finished actII (Inferno):

    * Lowered attack speed drastically
    * Increased my Disipline use dramatically
    * Nerfed my tenticles
    * Drastically lowered my attack power
    * Etc...

    So now I cant even farm act I. What this patch was in truth was an adjustment in many class's to make the need to use the auction house with real money. Diablo III is designed as the most ridiculous money making adventure I've ever seen (and I thought the silly Facebook games were bad).
  • Other Comments
  • robochump
    Repair cost for not dying has been a source of forum QQ. For me hitting a breakable object like a barrel cost me 62G per hit....lol! None death related repair costs are ridiculous!
  • noobzilla771
    Alpha phase has officially ended with this patch. D3 will now proceed to beta testing. Notable changes needing testing:

    High level item repair cost 6-10x more expensive
    Mini bosses are now harder and drops are worse
    Some Inferno bosses now has rage buff if you don't kill them immediately, made worse by IAS nerf
  • d_kuhn
    The list above sounds pretty reasonable... but the online buzz is that this update is a disaster - could be just the whiners whining but the volume of noise is pretty high.