Blizzard Making Changes to Systems in Diablo 3

Based on the topic header, it sounded as if Blizzard planned to change the system specs for its upcoming action/RPG for the PC, Diablo 3. But (currently) that's not the case at all, and instead is an announcement that the team is changing some of the core in-game systems based on feedback from the closed beta and from internal testing.

"Our job isn't just to put out a game, it's to release the next Diablo game," the team states in the latest update. "No one will remember if the game is late, only if it's great. We trust in our ability to put out a great game, but we're not quite there yet. In addition to finishing and polishing the content of the game we're continuing to iterate on some of the core game systems."

For starters, the team has removed the Scroll of Identification. Instead of using this item to identify items, users simply right-click on the object in question and wait for the character to examine it. They're also moving the fifth quick slot button and turning it into a dedicated potion button. The Mystic artisan is also getting evicted, as the team didn’t feel that she added anything to the customization system.

"[Mystic] enhancement was really just the socket and gem system with a different name, and it would prolong the release of the game even further to go back to the drawing board and differentiate it, so we’ll revisit the Mystic and enhancements at a later time," Blizzard writes. "Removing her from the game took some time, but it’s nowhere near the efforts that would be required to flesh out a better customization system. We hope she’ll be able to join your caravan in the future, but for now we’re going to focus on the extensive customization options the game already offers."

For those that aren't keeping up with the continuous development, none of these changes may even matter in the end. If anything, the update offers a good idea of where the team is at in regards to cranking out a finished product. Still, for those who have followed development since the beginning, this lengthy update includes the removal of the Cauldron of Jordan and Nephalem Cube, changes to the core character attributes, moving character stats into the inventory UI and more.

To read the full update, head here.

  • ttcboy
    There goes the hope of FEB release !!!!!

    Just release and patch later like other companies does. dammit ....
  • Travis Beane
    As much as I enjoy playing betas and even alphas, it's also quite wonderful to play a game that works. I've waited this long, what's a little more?
  • shoda
    I still want an invite to the beta, Blizzard... :D or anyone else!
  • Goldengoose
    ttcboyThere goes the hope of FEB release !!!!!Just release and patch later like other companies does. dammit ....No, just no.
  • Actually, people will remember both. In the time it's taking Blizzard to give us Diablo III, BioWare gave us the ENTIRE MASS EFFECT FRANCHISE.
  • UltimateDeep
    Please give me a key! I've been waiting for longo longo time now!
  • IndignantSkeptic
    I don't care for this game at all since it seems to be built for PS2 hardware specifications and I'm tired of PS3 hardware specifications already.
  • southernshark
    Its pretty standard for Biizz to do this. I was in the WCIII beta and some of the balances were so far off that they were just nuts (skele rush anyone). So this does not surprise me. And frankly I think its good that Blizz still puts games first and release dates second.
  • stingstang
    "No one will remember if the game is late, only if it's great"
    Yea, because absolutely NO ONE REMEMBERS that DNF was late. Nope. Nobody here I'm sure. That didn't affect the gameplay experience at all.
    btw, /sarcasm.
  • sporkimus
    I'm starting to think George Lucas is in charge of this game because Blizz has been doing nothing but make more and more changes and just delaying the release further and further.