Duke Nukem Forever: Close to Completion?

Duke Nukem (it’ll take) Forever has been in the works for a very long time. While most of us have long since given up on the game (and put the possibility of Duke Nukem Forever up there with the Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause), those of you still looking for that one piece of news that justifies the shred of hope you so desperately cling to need look no further; this should tide you over for the next couple of years.

The Duke Nukem Forever team have apparently hit another milestone in production. According to 3DRealms' CEO George Broussard, the company passed another milestone last week. While Broussard didn’t say which milestone had been passed he did say that the team had roughly “71 more tasks to do” and that they had started with probably 800 to 900.

Before anyone starts hyperventilating, let's rain on the parade. We’re not about to get excited about these Tweets. Don’t forget, Duke Nukem is but one title that 3DRealms is working on and these status updates could be referring to any one of the other games 3DRealms has on its to-do list, like Prey 2. Still, it’s nice to dream.

Click here to follow Broussard on Twitter. That's if you have a Twitter account, which none of you do, by the sounds of things.

  • kelbo
    you wanna dance??
    shake it baby...
  • Dreasconse
    71 more? So another 2 years?
    And what happens when they have to rewrite the graphics engine again?
    Or did they rent the Cryengine so that it will never be able to run at highest settings?
  • ricardok
    Oh god, oh god!! Forever is coming.

    Er. Well, we all live up to see if we live forever, but I really don't think DKF will live up to the hype we had going since forever (I hear that story every year or so, so I'm not really expecting the game).
  • turboflame
    In b4 another delay. The game's never coming out and we should accept this.
  • JMcEntegart
    TheCapuletWhat's twitter?
  • aqteh
    What are you waiting for? Christmas?
  • JimmiG
    The game will never be completed. Every time they get anywhere near completion, the engine they used has become so outdated that they need to switch and start over. They'll also need to replace all the original 256x256 16bit textures designed for the Voodoo2 with new, high resolution ones, redo all the 100-polygon models and update all the other artwork.
  • chaosgs
    After this long it better end up game of the year for 5 years straight if it actually releases. It was an amazing game i loved it more than anything. I bet they actually release it within a year. If so i will be the first to buy it.

    Time to kick ass and chew bubble gum and im all outta gum
  • NuclearShadow
    If there is only one thing certain in this chaotic world we live in its don't bet on Duke. I will not believe anything said about the development of this game until its on a store shelf and even then I will have to rub my eyes to make sure I am not hallucinating and pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming.
  • Spanky Deluxe
    Hmmm... if they originally had 900 tasks and now only have 71 tasks left then that means they've accomplished 829 tasks since development started. Lets assume that development started in April 1997 when it was first announced. That's 829 tasks in 12 years. So 69.1 tasks per year. So, if they carry on at the rate they've been going, they could release maybe Summer 2010. :-P