New Bulletstorm Screens Unleashed

Epic Games, People Can Fly, and Electronic Arts just unleashed a new batch of screenshots from the upcoming first-person shooter, Bulletstorm. The new, original IP is slated to take gamers back to a time when shooters were all about action, mayhem, and good clean gibbin'. It also rewards players who "kill with skill," offering points by "laying waste to enemies in the most imaginative way possible." Naturally the more insane the death, the more points players will earn. Points can be used to upgrade and unlock weapons, allowing for even more clouds of blood and severed limbs.

For more gibalicious fun, check out the screenshots below. Bulletstorm is expected to go retail in 2011.

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  • sliem
    Punkbuster or Vac? :)
  • zak_mckraken
    Reminds me of Serious Sam. I'm not into FPS anymore, but I might give this one a try!
  • meat81
    Not really impressed by the screens but i would try the demo for s***s and giggles...