UK's EE Confirms iPhone 5 Plans With LTE

Apple put us all out of our misery and finally confirmed and unveiled the iPhone 5. So, now that it's official, Everything Everywhere wants to be sure you know that it will be carrying the phone once it arrives later this month.


Speaking in a statement released late on Thursday, Everything Everywhere confirmed that both its Orange and T-Mobile brands will be offering the iPhone 5. The two networks will get the new device in stores on September 21, which is Friday week. The network didn't mention anything about its new 4G LTE service, dubbed EE, getting the iPhone 5. Though it has yet to officially launch, EE is the UK's first 4G LTE service and this is the first LTE iPhone. It would seem the two would go hand in hand, but we'll keep you posted on that front.

Specswise, in case you missed the announcement earlier, the iPhone 5 features a 4-inch 326 ppi, 1136 x 640 resolution display, a new Apple A6 SoC, an 8MP camera, improved battery life, 4G LTE, FaceTime over mobile networks, and iOS 6.

The iPhone 5's pre-orders start September 14.

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  • monktongaz
    How on earth is it competitive to allow EE (T-Mobile and Orange, essentially) to have the only LTE network prior to any auctions taking place? Want an iPhone 5? Want LTE? Well, you know where to go. It's the only place in town. It isn't anti-competitive though, honest.
  • teh_chem
    There isn't an AT&T 4G network in the UK?

    Well, not that the US has oodles of choices--if you want 4G speeds, you have three choices, with virtually zero price differences. Though I guess network coverage is another thing to consider.
  • According to apple site, the unlocked iphone5 works on band 4, not the same as the sim locked, so...?