Safari, Firefox Post Market Share Gains Against Internet Explorer

Chicago (IL) - Recent updates and media buzz surrounding Safari and Firefox apparently helped the two browser to gain market share at the expense of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, according to a new survey released by Net Applications. Apple’s and Mozilla’s software have been chipping away share from Microsoft’s browser for some time now and it appears that Microsoft could use a convincing new browser rather sooner than later.

There is no immediate concern for Microsoft that the company is losing its dominance in the browser market, but there is certainly a trend that Firefox and Safari are gaining traction. The Internet Explorer still holds a commanding 73.01-percent, according to Net Applications. That number, however, is down 0.74-percent points or about 1-percent from 73.75-percent in May and 74.83-percent in April.

While Microsoft isn’t quite confronted with a landslide loss, Firefox has been gaining steadily over the past quarter and is now approaching the 20-percent market share mark for the first time. Net Applications estimates Firefox’ June market share at 19.03-percent, up 3-percent or 0.62 points from 18.41-percent in May. Firefox was listed at 17.76-percent in April.

Apple’s Safari is also advancing and ranks third with a current share of 6.31-percent, up from 6.25-percent in May and 5.81-percent in April. Opera Software was also able to post some gains as part of the launch of its Opera 9 web browser. Opera is listed with 0.73-percent share, up from 0.71-percent in May and 0.69-percent in April.

Internet Explorer will receive a major update with version 8, which is expected to debut in the fourth quarter. Beta 2 of the browser is planned to be released in August.

  • klarkmdb
    I really like Firefox, they just need to be certified with a lot of compatibilities IE has. And also has to gain more approval from providers so it will gain more support!
  • dmuir
    Not sure what you mean by that... Firefox and Safari are much more standards compliant than IE.
  • Lozil
    Firefox Is a great Browse anytime.... Firefox 3 rocks... !!!
  • cjl
    Firefox 3 is awesome, but Safari pisses me off. I really can't put my finger on any one issue, but whenever I tried it, I was back with Firefox within a couple hours. As for IE? IE8 is actually pretty nice (I've tried the beta). Horribly unstable right now, and it crashes all the time, but that's beta 1, so it's nothing unexpected. I probably won't switch to it over FF3, but it's certainly an improvement over 7 (which was a HUGE improvement over 6).
  • gm0n3y
    If FF really wants to grow its market share, they need to try to get some sort of partnership with some desktop OEMs to get FF pre-installed on their systems.