Tom's Guide: 40 Free and Useful Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons

We each have our own favorites when it comes to web browsers but our browsing experience can be significantly enhanced using add-ons and plug-ins from third-party developers. Chances are, if you've thought of it, there's already a plug-in or add-on for it. The Tom's Guide team recently updated their '40 Free and Useful Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons' with the latest and greatest, so be sure to check it out!


Mozilla Firefox was the first web browser that challenged the dominance of Internet Explorer by providing a faster and, in many ways, more secure alternative to Microsoft's offering. Part of Firefox's appeal stems from its powerful add-ons system, which allows users to install plug-ins that add to the browser's functionality.

Here are 40 different extensions that will turbocharge your surfing experience. By automating tasks, providing more control over how websites are displayed, and adding new ways to search for information, these extensions will make Firefox faster and easier to use. One more thing: it goes without saying that these extensions only work with Mozilla Firefox, which you can download here.

This update includes quite a few add-ons recommended by our readers as well as a few that we've found useful.

40 Free and Useful Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons

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  • skyczy08
    Where is the link to the details? am i blind?
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