Leaked Video Claims to Show Off Real Samsung Galaxy S4

With just a couple of days to go until the big reveal, Samsung is ramping up the the publicity for its upcoming Galaxy handset, the Galaxy S4. The company this week released yet another teaser video as a follow on to last week's video and the very first official image of the device. Of course, it would be too much to expect the picture to be a well-lit full shot of the product. Instead, we got a shadowy fragment of a full picture. Lucky for us, Samsung isn't the only one leaking information on the S4 ahead of its launch. 

Today brings us an alleged video tour of the GS4 courtesy of the same source that gave us yesterday's leaked images of the phone. Though there's no guarantee that it's the real deal, the device in question certainly bears a resemblance to Samsung's Galaxy line and features Sammy's own TouchWiz user interface as well.

We'll know everything about the Galaxy S4 come Thursday. For now, you'll have to feast your eyes on the video below:

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  • bboysil
    I bet it's not the real deal... at least I hope so
  • house70
    The only thing certain about this device is that it's a phone destined for the Chinese market, with a dual-SIM configuration.
    It appeared earlier on Android Central, and even they would not bet this is the international GS4 model.
  • Cons29
    it looks almost the same as before. i hope this is not real. i kinda like the idea of the front speakers.

    hope this is just some chinese knock-off (not trying to be racist here), if it is, its a pretty good one.

    i'd probably believe it if he showed the new features eh?

    anyway, on the background was an apple commercial or something, lol
  • halcyon
    I must admit I was hoping for more of a difference from the S3 but there's nothing wrong IMO with the S3 per se.
  • dimar
    Don't care about GSIV, bring Note III already!
  • keither5150
    It really looks like a note 2 with a few minor differences to throw people off. The shape and size seem identical to the Note 2. One could easily put metallic tape around the edge.

    I don't believe that this is real. I will be giving the wife the choice of Note2, Galaxy S3, S4, and the HTC 1. She might take the HTC as she likes pretty things. The specs don't look bad either. The S3 and the Note 2 will be free on contract once the other 2 come out. The only bad thing about the One would be lack of sd card. The 80 GB in my note 2 comes in handy when traveling. 5.5 inches is also the perfect size for me.
  • ikyung
    That battery is big as my Note 2's battery. 3100 mAh battery stock would be nice for people who wants to keep the form factor original. But, since it's removable 5000 mAh battery pack!
  • tntom
    No way they would have a dual SIM GS4 before the single SIM GS4. And... are those even micro SIM cards? The GS3 used micro SIM cards right? I do not like that protruding camera either. No way Samsung would let the phone this far out of their sight either. The metal band looks nice.
  • ricardok
    To be fair, that android version is slow and half backed. I bet it's what we call "xing ling" phone..
  • kryzzay