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Tom's Guide: How To Root the Samsung Galaxy S4

The Galaxy S4 has an extremely impressive spec sheet, which means developers and enthusiasts were particularly keen to gain root access to the device. This task has already been achieved and instructions are available on how to do it yourself, should you feel so inclined. There are many benefits to rooting your device. Should you decide to do it, the Tom's Guide team has put together a little 'How To' to show you the way.

Right off the bat, Samsung's newest smartphone has been put through the wringer by Android developers and enthusiasts. In no time at all, they made it possible to root the device for superuser access using the handy CF-Autoroot program by the excellent Chainfire. We'll show you how in this visual tutorial! Warning: Rooting gives you much more control and options for your device, but it does entail a bit of risk. Mistakes in the process can render your phone inoperable, and (at the very least) rooting your phone quite possibly voids the warranty. Consider this fair warning, but if you're adventurous enough to give it a shot, or already a trained hand at rooting other devices, then read on!How To: Rooting the Galaxy S4

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