Is This a 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab Prototype?

Samsung's Galaxy Tab is only making its way into consumers' hands this week, but already, we're looking to the future. Today rumors of a next-generation Galaxy Tab are doing the rounds because of pictures of a Samsung-branded prototype panel posted to Tech On!.

Tech On! is attending FPD International 2010 in Chiba, Japan, this week, and thanks to them we've already seen some stunning photos of the flexible AMOLED displays that Samsung is working on. However, also on show at FPD, is a super-skinny, 1.8-millimeter thick prototype display panel, which Samsung showed off via a 10.1-inch notebook and an "ereading device."

Though there was nothing about tablets mentioned in Tech On!'s report, the pictures show the ereading device doing very unereader-like tasks and it didn't take long for talk to turn to a tablet or slate using this panel.

It's exciting to think about this kind of display in a tablet, but unfortunately, Samsung said commercialization of the product is still between two and three years away, but this 1,024x600, 250cd/m2, 1,000:1 display, complete with a 50 percent color gamut, definitely has us all hot and bothered.

Hit up Tech On! for more pictures of the panel.

  • halodude23
    Looks like an Ipad... but bigger
  • nforce4max
    The only problems with these is the weak cpu even for the os and I have tried the x86 version which is tiny. Second is storage despite how small the os is and the app that are usually less than 1mb in size but multimedia content like movies that eat it up quickly. Then ram 128 to 256mb of ram is to small even for this os when one factors in apps so 512mb to 1gb would do wonders performance wise. The screen size and weight is just right for these tablets.
  • K2N hater
    it's really awesome. can't argue the features of it. just don't answer it like a normal phone because... people will laugh at you.
  • lauxenburg
    halodude23Looks like an Ipad... but bigger
    Doesn't really resemble an iPad at all.
  • Looks like one of theose cheapo digital frames.
  • wotan31
    halodude23Looks like an Ipad... but biggerLike it or hate it, iPad is the most successful tablet device ever, and the market leader by an enormous margin. That fact alone means that all the me-too manufacturers are going to emulate their design. "Stick with what works" kind of a thing. Only once they've established themselves will they try and develop unique designs. Look a Lexus. When toyota first started the Lexus brand in the US, the cars were so boring, so bland, so unoriginal. They copied styling queues from their upmarket competition and didn't get very creative at all. Now that it's an established brand, they're developing their own identity and going their own way. Every industry does this.
  • chickenhoagie
    10 inches is too much for me to handle! :O
  • lejay
    chickenhoagie10 inches is too much for me to handle!Start out with 7 inches and slowly work your way up.
  • phexac
    One unfortunate thing I heard is that at first, the Galaxy tab is coming out without the Super AMOLED display found in the Galaxy S phone. Instead it will be some crappy low quality display. Until that tab get the super AMOLED and Samsung definitely resolves their GPS issues, their smart phone and tablet phones are a no go.
  • mman74
    Should have been available on day one!