GAME UK Customers Name Nintendo Wii Best Console Ever

Released in 2006, the motion-sensing Wii console was revolutionary. As time goes on, the console's limitations (such as the lack of HD support) become ever more apparent. Despite this, the Wii still has its fans. According to a survey of UK consumers, the Nintendo Wii is the best console ever.

DigitalSpy reports that GAME customers recently voted the Nintendo Wii the best console ever. We're not just talking the best of the top three. We're talking the best console of all time. The original Xbox didn't even crack the top 10. According to DigitalSpy, 15 percent of those surveyed (2,000) voted for the Wii, while the Xbox 360 received just 10 percent and Playstation 3 just 9 percent. These scores were enough to snag Microsoft and Sony second and third place in the poll.

Rounding out the top five is Sony's PS2 at number four (8 percent), and the Sega Mega Drive at number 5 (with seven percent). The original PlayStation placed sixth, while the Super Nintendo is at number seven. The Game Boy, N64, and Nintendo DS appeared in eight, ninth, and tenth place.

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  • NuclearShadow
    I think if they surveyed a larger group of people the results would have likely differed. Still I am not entirely surprised at the Wii doing well because the appeal it has to casual gamers and families and not to mention those lovable Nintendo characters we can never stop loving.
  • Stimpack
    Yeah, you know, because this makes sense.
  • thecolorblue
    what age group was likely surveyed? that'll skew the results.

  • NuclearShadow
    StimpackYeah, you know, because this makes sense.
    When you figure in the factors that caused this is actually does make perfect sense. The Wii sold very well more than the 360 and PS3. What this means is there are more homes with just a Wii than the consoles.

    PS3 - 70 million
    360 - 76 million
    Wii -100 million

    This will create a natural bias in a survey to some degree when it comes that generation of consoles.
    Much like how the NES easily would beat the Sega Master System in a survey simply because there is a much higher chance that a person owned a NES and not a Master System or both. While the Master System would still likely lose it would score much better if the survey only focused on owners of both.

    Then we need to figure that the age of those surveyed is going to vary. Obviously the chances of someone selecting a console that is older than them is unlikely. While the older gamers will have played on more consoles in their lifetime and have a larger list to choose from with many fond memories of older consoles.

    Then the last factor is that there are people who will genuinely prefer the Wii over the rest even if they have experienced a wide range of consoles. This is bound to add a few additional percentage behind the Wii.
  • therabiddeer
    The fact that 34% of people think that the current generation are even in the top 3 should immediately spell an issue with the survey. What Nintendo Wii game was even popular this generation? Has there been even a handful of games that have given hours and hours of gameplay? Then there is the PS3/Xbox360... we have maybe a handful of games for each of those (and many of those are sequels to games from the PSX/PS2/Xbox). The fact that the original Nintendo didnt break the top 10 is ridiculous, or even the Gamecube. How did the Genesis beat out the original Nintendo (and by such a huge margin)?
  • Sadly there is no vote for PC gaming. Probably only like 5 people have a gaming PC there anyway. Consoles lol.
  • Vorador2
    Very likely the survey group was completely skewed...the fact not only the winner, but the top three was the most modern systems (well, except WiiU) is a sign of it.
  • kawininjazx
    I think the PS2 and NES were better, personally.
  • bustapr
    i wouldnt put the Wii anywhere near the top. from day 1, that console had its set of major limitations that set it way apart from the competition. even though the motion controls were new and sparked lots of innovations and copycats, it was not well done. nintendo had to create an attachment to the wiimote in order for the motion controls to work correctly. and the lack of buttons and the requirement/non-requirement of nunchucks in games was frustrating. the graphics power of the console also limited it dramatically in what could be done with the motion controls.

    there was nothing special about the other consoles, except for maybe the ps3 which had features like the sixaxis controlller and bluray player. but other than that, they were straightforward in their gaming appoach. Id personally put the ps2 or the snes up top for their amazing catalog of games.
  • anathema_forever
    snes, ps1, dreamcast, xbox , ps2, xbox360, ps3, gamecube, wii, in order of decending quality for me.