GameStick Console Price at $79, Now Up for Pre-order

Earlier this month, Ouya announced that its $99 Android console was up for pre-order and scheduled for launch in June. Now another Kickstarter-backed console is making its way to market.


GameStick is a portable Android-based console that turned quite a few heads by meeting its $100K Kickstarter goal six times over. Offering a prototype that's no bigger than a flash drive, GameStick allows for a compact, no-fuss gaming experience using a TV equipped with a HDMI connection. Today, PlayJam, the company behind GameStick announced that the console was officially up for pre-order.


PlayJam says its Amazon-powered pre-order service is an opportunity for those that missed out on the Kickstarter to jump the queue on the official retail launch. The company says pre-orders will ship immediately after the initial Kickstarter run in April (a GameStick unit was one of the perks for those that pledged above a certain amount on Kickstarter).

"January was a pivotal month for GameStick with the success of the campaign ensuring that we could bring the device to life." Said Anthony Johnson, CMO PlayJam, "Since the campaign closed, we have received thousands of e-mails from individuals keen to ensure they remain one of the first to receive the product. By continuing to offer GameStick on pre-order, we will be able to maintain momentum ahead of our planned retail activity."

PlayJam is selling the GameStick plus a controller for $79.99. The dock will set you back $24.99, while the GameStick case is going for $9.99.Pre-orders are being taken through

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  • hero1
    So many choices out there. I hope that they perform well for those who will end up buying them.
  • ubercake
    For a world getting more and more complacent with finger-swipe games on their phones, look for many of these new game consoles to carry these simple games while giving us a control stick since we can't swipe our television.
  • antilycus
    zero interest for this, tons for OUYA. Maybe because Ouya has 3D accerlation?