GameStop Rumored to be Selling Steam Vouchers

According to an inside source, GameStop's giving up on Impulse, the retailer's digital downloads service. The company has its eyes set on another route to profitability: selling Steam vouchers.

The vouchers are said to be hitting GameStop stores on May 15, coincidentally when a lot of customers will be bum rushing GameStop to troll for copies of Diablo III.

Between Good Old Games and Steam, and maybe every so often Green Man Gaming, GamersGate, or Amazon, I've never even thought to use Impulse. There's no point, because I've really yet to see Impulse offer any of the great deals that we see available through these digital retailers. If this rumor does prove true, it'll be nice to see GameStop recognize Steam's success.

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  • reaper123
    Easy there tiger, the guy made a legitimate question, he didnt curse or offended anyone so i dont see why you are acting like a moron
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  • rohitbaran
    ryhfhnjhI like to grow different varieties of sedum too, because they grow fast and have very little maintenance.

    Ok, go troll somewhere else
  • guardianangel42
    What the hell is the point? If you are a gamer interested in buy a game on Steam, you use the steam client (available on all your linked devices) or the Steam webpage (available on everything with an internet connection).

    Why would you go out to a GameStop to buy a voucher to redeem at your computer to download a game?

    That makes no sense.
  • s3anister
    They really need to Game stop this madness.

    Sorry guys, couldn't help myself. But in all seriousness who would use the middle man when they can get it straight form the service?