Gangnam Style Surpasses 1 Billion Views on YouTube

Psy's Gangnam Style music video has become the first video in history to surpass one billion views on YouTube.

Last month, Gangnam Style surpassed Justin Bieber's Baby video to become the most popular YouTube video ever. The pop star's video, which had 805 million views at the time that has since increased to 813 million, was beaten in five months.

Gangnam Style has also earned a Guinness World Records title as the most-liked video in YouTube history thanks to over two million users giving a digital thumbs up. It's generated more than 4.2 million comments.

Last month, marketing blog Wordstream said the video was being viewed 4,000 times each minute, subsequently suggesting that it would reach the coveted 1 billion views milestone by December 11. Still, it's not too bad of a feat if it achieved it 10 days later on the (non-existent) apocalypse day.

YouTube owner Google said the video has been watched seven million to 10 million times a day on average. "Psy's success is a great testament to the universal appeal of catchy music - and er, great equine dance moves," said Kevin Allocca, YouTube trends manager.

"I've seen a statistic which reckons the one song will have generated something like $8m [£5m] by the end of the year from money that comes directly from YouTube through advertising plus download sales, its uses in adverts and TV programmes," Chris Cooke, business editor of the CMU music news site, told the BBC. "It shows that YouTube - which is a free-to-use as a promotional platform for the music labels - can lead to substantial income.

"Should every artist be trying to think of a funny video that will go viral and be mimicked? I don't know whether it's a template that can be copied, but it certainly shows how quickly an eye-catching clip can spread thanks to social networks and YouTube."

"Another great example of Theodore Levitt's 'globalisation' and the power of K-pop," said Martin Sorrell, chief executive of advertising giant WPP. "The thing that interests you in the video is the fact that you don't understand the lyrics," added Scott Mills, a BBC Radio 1 DJ. "The first time I saw it was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in America and I just thought it was a bit of fun, but I didn't expect it to be as big as it was."

"Psy came into my Radio 1 show and The Guinness World Records presented him with a plaque for the most 'liked' YouTube video of all time and the amazing thing is he is just a guy, he hasn't tried to do any of this."

South Korean hair stylist D C Han, who worked in Gangnam before starting a business in London, said he was proud to see the song become a global hit. "I was amazed. K-Pop is getting stronger and stronger, everywhere in Asia they are listening to it - China, Hong Kong, Taiwan. Maybe even in Japan but they might not admit it."

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  • -Jackson
    Somehow, I knew a pointless article like this would be posted after that video hit 1b views..
    A day or two late as well.
    Oh well, what else is new?
  • darkavenger123
    Dumb teeny blooper and Stupid Fatso rules Youtube. What has the world comes to.
  • kitsunestarwind
    It's still better then most of the western pop
  • nameon
    this song doesnt take itself seriously thats why its so entertaining and good...kinda like saints row 3
  • One milliard views, when will people learn?
  • very seriously. I dont like it. but I saw it on youtube is because I curious why every news was talking about it. a billion viewers? the power of advertising.
  • abbadon_34
    Never watched it, not interested
  • -Jackson
    very seriously. I dont like it. but I saw it on youtube is because I curious why every news was talking about it. a billion viewers? the power of advertising.
    More like word of mouth.. erm, wait no, word of idiots.
  • fuzzion
    See...the mayans were right.
  • Pyree
    Why are people so against this song? It is really a great song for party. In fact I'll pick it and play it during Christmas as well as NYE party if the other people haven't already done so.

    The effect of people (have no Korean language training) singing along and dancing to it is hilarious.