MSI Claims ''World's Fastest'' Single-GPU Card

MSI is claiming the title of “world’s fastest” with the launch of its single-GPU graphics card, the N480GTX Lightning. According to the company, the card established a new world record by reaching P39281 through 3DMark Vantage. It achieved this milestone thanks to the overclocking capabilities of the new Power4 Architecture and a core clock of 1450 MHz (using liquid nitrogen).

"The N480GTX Lightning features the industry-first Power4 Architecture to enhance the relevant design and material of four types of power supply. These include 16 Phase PWM design to provide three times more electricity for the GPU; the next-gen capacitor, Proadlizer, to significantly enhance signal stability; the industry-best MOSEFT, CopperMOS, to supply sufficient and stable power to the GPU and memory; and the uniquely designed 6-pin power connector to provide the pure power for memory," the company said.

To keep things ultra-cool, MSI has implemented its latest Twin Frozr III thermal design, using two 9-cm PWN fans, its exclusive 8-mm SuperPipe technology, and two form-in-one heat-sinks. The overall design supposedly lowers the GPU temperature 18-degrees Celsius than the reference design, allowing for a greater potential to overclock.

In addition to the card, consumers will be supplied with MSI’s exclusive Afterburner utility for adjusting GPU and memory clocks, and for adjusting the voltage of the GPU, memory, and PCI-e combined, boosting the OC performance of up to 34-percent more than the reference design. Other features include Dual BIOS, a PWM Clock Tuner, next-gen military-class components, and more.

To learn more about MSI’s N480GTX Lightning powerhouse, head here.

Update: According to MSI, users can expect to achieve up to 900MHz on the stock cooler, but the card ships at 750MHz out of the box.

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  • micr0be
    i'm sorry i don't own a nuclear power plant ...
  • rbarone69
    Wow... so many buzz words... My head is going to explode!
  • Onus
    Bogus. Note 1: "The world record is broken by N480GTX Lightning under LN2 extreme overclocking."
    So, with the stock cooler (even if it is a good one), you won't get anywhere near there.
    Nothing but hype. Next...
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  • rbarone69
    Wow... so many buzz words... My head is going to explode!
  • SchizoFrog
    More than a Graphics card... this is an Marks and Spencer... Oh sorry, it's an MSI Graphics card. :p
  • palitusa
    Does it FLY like a G6?