Nvidia Releases GeForce 320.14 Beta Drivers

Nvidia has launched the GeForce 320.14 Beta Drivers that provide up to 10 percent better performance in Metro: Last Light and improvements of up to 20 percent for a range of other titles when compared to the GeForce 314.22 WHQL drivers. 

Though results will vary, depending on your system's configuration, Nvidia has provided the following "measured gains" for a GTX 660 in both a solo and SLI configurations. 

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TitleGTX 660GTX 660 SLI
Battlefield 3-Up to 6%
Dirt: ShowdownUp to 20%Up to 17%
Deus Ex: Human RevolutionsUp to 6%Up to 6%
F1 2012Up to 5%Up to 5%
Far Cry 3Up to 6%Up to 6%
Metro 2033Up to 6%-
StarCraft IIUp to 8%Up to 7%
Tomb RaiderUp to 18%Up to 18%

Finally, the drivers included added or updated SLI profiles for a range of titles that include Alien Fear, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, Dead Island: Riptide, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Grid 2, Resident Evil 6 and The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. 

The GeForce 320.14 Beta Drivers are available for download from Nvidia's GeForce website for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista, 7 and 8. 

  • razor512
    hopefully this beta driver works properly.
    version 320.00 beta had fan control issues on the GTX 400 series cards. (caused high temperatures and throttling)
  • kuro sanji
    I have the same problem with beta driver, it makes the performance down, before updating to version 320 beta
  • SchizoFrog
    Finding issues is the point of releasing BETA drivers. If you don't want issues then stick with the WHQL releases.
  • JJ1217
    Meh, Nvidia's Beta drivers have been a hit and miss. Like I understand as Schizo said its to find out issues, but some beta releases are a flat out joke.
    The last 3 months of WHQL releases from Nvidia haven't been perfect either... AMD is really stepping up their driver department.
  • ccovemaker
    They need to work on there BioShock Infinite drivers.
  • dextermat
    lol nothing for planteside 2... I guess it still has problems...
    Nice though fix not the fact I could not install my 9800 gt on previous driver!