LG Confirms Android Tablet, Froyo Phones for '10

Though we saw a ton of tablet devices at Computex, many of them were scheduled for launch 'early next year' or 'in the near future; very few companies were willing to commit to a 2010 launch. LG this week confirmed that it will be launching an Android slate in the fourth quarter of this year.

Unfortunately, LG didn't provide a lot of information about the device; in fact, the company just barely mentioned it in a press release about its plans for new Android smartphones. LG revealed no pricing or specifications for the device but promises it will deliver "vastly superior performance than other similar devices currently on the market while still managing to be thinner and lighter than competing devices."

LG revealed that both the Optimus Chic and Optimus One will pack Froyo when they launch later this year. Similarly, LG was pretty secretive about specs, pricing and release dates, so we'll have to wait to find out more on these two. However, we do know the Chic and its sleek design will be aimed at "fashion aficionados."

LG plans to release 10 new smartphones running a range of OSes under the 'Optimus' moniker in 2H 2010 alone.

  • house70
    eagerly waiting for specs... sounds good so far. Hope some of them will have front cameras.
  • yannifb
    They should make a Prime
  • cknobman
    last lg phone I had sucked (it was a rumor) because it randomly turned off. Turns out it was a well known issue and lg decided they werent going to fix it. It wasnt just my phone either I had 3 for my family and every phone had the same problem.

    I dont care if these phones were faster than a full fledge notebook, Ill never own another crappy lg product.
  • damiano13mg
    I hope you can plug in some USB 3.0! That would be niceeeee :)
  • dEAne
    I hope it can compete to other smart phones.
  • nord_musician
    No more LG phones for me :(
  • ypcio
    Regular LG's phones drains battery faster than every other phone ive owned. It makes me wonder how fast a LG smartphone will run out of battery.
  • pim69
    My wife's LG smartphone has both issues mentioned in these comments, but I don't think hers was the same model. It's a sliding phone. It is loaded with software glitches and odd workarounds, it randomly turns itself off, and its battery life has always been HORRIBLE, far worse than my Nokia smartphone that is at least 3 years older. We would never consider any kind of LG remote product with this experience. She had it exchanged early in its life by Rogers due to one of the numbers not working, but the same software problems were in the replacement.