Google Glass Banned from Seattle Bar; Dev Kit Hits eBay

Hey! We don't serve their kind here!

A Seattle, Washington-based bar, 5 Point Café, has already banned Google Glass, the search engine giant's augmented reality specs donning a front-facing camera. The owner has taken to the bar's Facebook page to state that "ass kickings will be encouraged for violators", and has undoubtedly become one of many to outlaw the specs in fear of privacy concerns.

“I’m a thought leader,” said 5 Point Café owner Dave Meinert. "First you have to understand the culture of the 5 Point, which is a sometimes seedy, maybe notorious place. People want to go there and be not known … and definitely don’t want to be secretly filmed or videotaped and immediately put on the Internet."

He added that the Facebook warning was partly a joke to get a reaction. But he's also serious about the Glass ban, as the bar already doesn't allow people to film or take pictures under its roof. They're unwanted, he said, and that the bar is a private place that people visit.

"It’s OK if you wear them, I just don’t want them worn inside," he added, acknowledging all the "tech geeks" that wander in from nearby Amazon offices.

Meanwhile, a Google Glass developer kit has landed on eBay, costing a rather hefty $8201 USD. Naturally the seller is banking on the inability to purchase the specs until (possibly) later this year for around $1500 USD, and has already reeled in 36 bids. The listing is based out of Russia and sports a "tangerine" model that was likely acquired through one of the Glass Foundry development workshops.

"This is a new product, but the box a little crumpled in transit," the listing reads. "This item does not cost $ 80! If you want to buy, you have to pay $ 8000! Russia to limit sales in the month. I can not sell the product for more than $ 80. If you want to buy the product now, then you have to pay $ 8,000 or to participate in the auction. In the presence of two sets of glass Google."

The seller currently has a 100-percent positive feedback, so it's possible the lucky customer will receive the real deal. But there's no indication how "izoterika" acquired the specs, or if they even work at all (could be defective units thrown in the trash). That said, interested customers may want to wait until Google coughs up the actual product later this year.

Still, the auction ends on March 13 for anyone willing to gamble over $8000!

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  • meowmix44
    WOW :O, I hope those glasses have the UI embeded
  • thomasf94
    Thats insane!
  • psychonut
    It's now removed from ebay.
  • jaquith
    Hmm...they wouldn't be allowed in my office nor are any cameras or camera phones. A bar seems a little off the deep end, but privacy is a problem with any form of cameras. I'd love to see anyone be allowed in a Republican fundraiser or event. ;)
  • Trialsking
    jaquith I'd love to see anyone be allowed in a Republican fundraiser or event.What about Democrat might be suprised
  • Devoteicon
    In an unrelated story, Google removes the bar from its search engine and maps.
  • Marcus52
    "100% positive feedback" on ebay just means there weren't any people willing to break the usually unspoken deal "You rate me 5 stars and I'll rate you 5 stars in return".
  • Blessedman
    It is only a matter of time before all bluetooths have cameras built in. There are already some but the day is coming when we record most of our day and the people in it. Look out marriage google glass is the new deal breaker!
  • digitalvampire
    Why is this a story? They are already banned in every classroom (since they have a camera) in our state (due to certain laws), both K-12 and Universities, and our specific university is now discussing banning them anywhere on campus. Google knew this would be the case, surely they're not surprised.
  • thecolorblue
    thomasf94Thats insane!It is actually perfectly sane.