Google Further Details Project Glass Progress

Google has further detailed Project Glass, with the company still deliberating on how the platform will be used.

Speaking in an interview with IEEE Spectrum, the head of the Google Glass project, Babak Parviz, said the search engine giant is continuing to experiment new ideas. He stressed that both the software and hardware development is progressing: "We constantly try out new ideas of how this platform can be used. We're also trying to make the platform more robust. This includes making the hardware more robust and the software more robust, so we can ship it to developers early this year."

Parviz continued on to discuss what the firm been working on since Project Glass' July debut. Currently, the device sports a touch pad for changing settings and Google is experimenting with voice commands.

The company is also working on integrating a phone call feature and increasing the battery life in order for it to last an entire day. He added that Google doesn't have any current plans to incorporate advertising on the device.

"This is a complicated thing. This is not a laptop or a smartphone. It's an entirely new platform. So how people interact with it and what people do with it is totally new territory. But we hope that when we ship this to developers, other people will also figure out what this very powerful platform is able to do."

Google Glass is expected to launch in 2014, with Google confirming that a select group of developers can purchase the $1,500 "Explorer" edition of the device during early 2013.

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  • endif
    Why even bother with a touch pad when you know that ANYONE who buys something like this will have an Android, iOS, or WP8 device on them at all times. Bluetooth chips are super small now, and you can offload a LOT of your processing to your phone or tablet instead of limiting yourself to whatever hardware you can fit into eyeglass frames. You will also end up reducing size/weight to increase comfort. Project Glass (although very cool!) would be useless if it is too uncomfortable to wear.
  • fenixkane
    Looks bad. Make one that looks like a DBZ scouter and you've got me interested!
  • ricardok
    A phone in contact with my head for 12+ hours a day?? Nahhh. I'll pass..
  • szbxa
    shows the quality of google as a company, instead of opting for maximum profit, they go to each and every cellphone maker to keep them involved, samsung, LG and now motorola, keeps everyone in the game to ultimately encourage competition and benefit the consumer.
  • omnimodis78
    At Walmart optical sometime around 2023:
    Optician: "Alright Mr. ___ so I recommend the anti-scratch and anti-glare coating on these lenses"
    Me: "Yes, I'll have those"
    Optician: "I also recommend the embedded gOptic system" (get it..."gOptic" - "g" for Google - the "i" years are far gone)
    Me: "has it been updated to the Raspberry Cheesecake? (will Android already be on "R" by 2023?)
    Optician: "Absolutely - it comes with the 3Dvision GPS"
    Me: "yeah I need that, I'll get it also, thanks"
  • jahrasta311
    Walmart? Really?
  • Gundam288
    jahrasta311Walmart? Really?Walmart is a HUGE chain that can help you get your product out there. Microsoft saw part of those effects when it 1st launched surface without help from Walmart and other stores.

    If you can't get the product in question out to the consumer on a everyday level, then the masses will not know about it as most people are not in the know about brand new tech.
  • uuicked
    I want the explorer edition!!
  • Make contact lenses with Android installed then we'll talk.