Guild Transfer, Rename Services Coming to WoW

Over on the World of Warcraft forums, Blizzard has announced that guild transfer and guild rename services are coming to the popular MMORPG. Although the company didn't specify when these services will actually launch, subscribers should expect to see "bits and pieces" of the guild relocation aspect appear on the public realms while it goes through extensive internal testing.

"We want to give everyone an early heads-up regarding our plan to implement a guild relocation service for World of Warcraft," Blizzard said in this forum sticky. "The idea is for a guild leader to be able to transfer a guild to another realm. The guild structure remains intact, including the guild leader, guild bank, ranks, and guild name (depending on availability)."

Blizzard added that guild members who decide to relocate with their guild may initiate their own paid character transfer. "Upon a successful transfer they will automatically be part of the guild when they first log into the new realm," the company added. "Their guild rank and guild reputation will be intact."

For those guild leaders who don't want a "change of scenery," Blizzard is offering the ability to pick a new name. However, Blizzard didn't specify any additional details, saying that both the guild transfer and guild renaming services are currently in development. That said, additional details will be provided at a later date (BlizzCon 2011?).

"As with all of the features and services we offer, we intend to incorporate the guild relocation service in a way that will not disrupt the game play experience," Blizzard said.