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For Over $3000, HTC One Comes in Gold and Platinum

When you buy a phone, you always take into consideration the build material used. Subsequently, more expensive materials are often used on phones for added value, such as the aluminum body on the HTC One. There are some who want to go even further than just better build materials, and what screams out "filthy rich" more than a gilded phone?

GoldGenie has obviously noticed the small market nook for those who want a phone to have status beyond its technology. It has given us a 24ct. gold plated HTC One for a mere $3,100, with the platinum HTC One coming in for slightly more at $3,200. Naturally, you expect more than just a bit of rare metal on the phone's body for that price, so the company has ensured that the phone is unlocked. The SIM-free smartphone comes with some Beats audio earphones, and the final package has a lovely box to envelop it all.

For those who want some more gilded items, the company can also embellish your Wii, tablet or even golf club. Don't get fooled into a bad deal though, as you can get a 24ct. gold plated iPad for a mere $10,000, as we have seen before in Dubai. Normally, we would recommend a case for the phone to protect the soft gold plating, but if you are buying a nice looking phone, why would you want to cover up your money's worth? Yet again, we are left with an age old question: Can money really buy you class?