Hellgate Open Beta Launches Next Week

Friday T3 Entertainment said that the upcoming relaunch of Hellgate will kick off with an open beta for North America and Europe starting June 30, 2011. The open beta will include two new game modes: the PvP "Dual Arena" and the zombie-infested "Cow Room." T3 Entertainment will also celebrate the beta launch by throwing four special events to "strengthen the Hellgate community".

Here's the list of events starting, next Thursday:

Guild Reservoir

This event will encourage teamwork and collaboration as guilds with 30 or more members join together to earn rewards including nano shards or Palladiums on a per member basis.

The Daily Supplies

This event will run for one month and will scatter daily supplies ranging from Resurrection scrolls to Power message abilities around the Greenwich headquarters. Once a day players will have a chance to acquire up to four awesome items.

To Level in Hell

This event will challenge players to level up as fast as they can until level 20. The Game Masters will pick 10 lucky entries to win 3,000 TCoins each.

Level and Be Rewarded

Hellgate will be giving away more than ever before with this final event for Open Beta which will bestow special prizes on all players who reach level 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, and 50.

As for the two new game modes, here's a description of each:

Duel Area

This mode allows players to participate in a player-vs.-player mode. Players may opt to modify game settings and other battle rules while choosing from four possible areas: Abandoned Passage, Black Wall Way, Forgotten Grave, and Passage of Hallucination. In the Duel Area, players enter Death Match mode and must kill members of the opposing team. To aid combatants in the frenzy, Recovery Crystals are available near each team’s base, allowing players to recover HP, MP and shields. The winning team will get PvP points, which may be used to purchase accessories, pets and other items in-game. PvP updates will be posted on Hellgate’s website, where weekly top ten players will be rewarded.

Cow Room

This mode won’t involve our milk-making friends. Instead, it will be crawling with a team of zombies - normal zombies and mummified. While the zombies may appear weak, players must remain vigilant and slay the Cow Room boss and his zombie cronies, all while avoiding a vision-reducing Sandstorm. But in order to enter the Cow Room, players first need to complete a special recipe to create a key. Players that can handle the madness have a chance to gain the newest and rarest Hellgate item drops.

  • TheProfosist
    Cant wait to open the Gate of Hell
  • sliem
    TheProfosistCant wait to open the Gate of Hell
    Don't worry, it will open itself at 12/21/2012.

    Anyway, I've never heard about this game...
  • Trialsking
    Is this the same Hellgate London from like 3 yrs ago, that total sucked or is this a different one?
  • bonezy
    TrialskingIs this the same Hellgate London from like 3 yrs ago, that total sucked or is this a different one?
    Same franchise, looks like a reboot of sorts. I'm downloading the client right now. I was initially hyped by the trailer in '07, but so-so reviews made me forget about the game, until now.
  • alidan
    i thought hellgate was a diablo style (rouge like) that was 3d when it launced. was i wrong?
  • 4745454b
    I argue that this is a better game because the first game was buggy and you had to pay for it. This one is free, so it doesn't matter if its buggy or not. Seeing as its free I'll be checking it out. If I like it I'll play it, if not oh well.
  • im_caius
    WOW. The interface is exactly like WoW..
  • tamerlee
    Hellgate: London isn't a FPS unless you zoom in as the range class.
  • nukemaster
    im_caiusWOW. The interface is exactly like WoW..Should be, the original design team are a split off from blizzard(Diablo II team I think). Hell I do not even think any of the WoW designers are left on the Wow project.
  • jsc
    I really liked the idea of the original game. Even did not mind paying for it (well, bargain bin). Too bad it was so buggy.