IBM Announces Changes In Executive Line-Up

The world’s largest information technology company, IBM, yesterday announced a few changes in the executive ranks as it waved goodbye to two of it’s veterans.

William Zeitler (60) and Nick Donofrio (62) will both walk away from Big Blue following lengthy careers with the company (39 and 44 years respectively). Mr. Zeitler joined IBM in 1969 as a programmer in White Plains, New York after receiving BS in mathematics from Gannon University in Erie, Pennsylvania in the same year.

In September 2000 Zeitler was named senior vice president and group executive of IBM Server Group, which later became the consolidated Systems and Technology Group.

As well as being responsible for all IBM hardware offerings he’s also in charge of the Microelectronics division, which translates IBM R&D into semiconductor solutions for IBM systems and OEM clients – including custom microprocessors, ASICs tools and methodology, IP, manufacturing capacity, and process technology.

Zeitler plans on retiring on August 1 and will hand the division over to Robert Moffat, who joined IBM in 1978 and has a BS in Economics and an MBA in Management Information Systems. Moffat leads IBM’s worldwide supply chain operations (appointed in January 2003) and is part of the leadership team responsible for running IBM’s Global Services business. He is also non-voting observer on the Board of Directors of Lenovo.

Nick Donofrio joined IBM in 1967 with a BS in and an MS in Electrical Engineering and spent his early years with the company in integrated circuit and chip development as a designer of logic and memory chips. Donofrio has led many of IBM’s major development and manufacturing teams ranging from semiconductor and storage technologies, to microprocessors and personal computers.

He is the leader of IBM’s global technology strategy as well as vice chairman of the IBM International Foundation. Mr. Donofrio’s responsibilities include IBM Research, Governmental Programs, Quality, Corporate Community Relations, as well as Environmental Health and Product Safety.

While Donofrio is scheduled for retirement as of October 1, and IBM CEO Sam Palmisano has said he will not be replaced directly.

Other changes saw Tim Shaughnessy, Vice President and Controller, appointed senior Vice President of Services Deliver with Jim Kavanaugh stepping up to fill Shaughnessy’s shoes. Jon Iwata, current Vice President of Communications, will take charge of marketing, a change which will see VP of Marketing and Strategy, Bruce Harreld’s responsibilities halve.