IBM Lays Off 2,400 People As Jobs Go Overseas

Bloomberg cites an employee advocacy group, Alliance@IBM, that says IBM has axed 2,400 members of staff, mainly from the company's U.S. operations. Spanning several divisions, the nationwide cuts occurred earlier this week. Alliance says that yesterday, 500 jobs were cut, but the group has been updating the number as it receives more severance documents.Lee Conrad, national director of  Alliance@IBM told Bloomberg, "We're getting reports from employees that they’re training the overseas replacements as they are getting cut.”

The cuts represent less than 1 percent of IBM’s workforce of 399,409. Last year the company cut 10,400 members of its staff in the United States and Canada.

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  • wildwell
    Same old story, different company. :(
  • TwoDigital
    wildwellSame old story, different company.It's not EVEN different company... IBM has been laying off US workers in favor of datacenters in India, Russia, and Argentina for several years now.
  • zoemayne
  • rhino13
    This is so sad.
    How does IBM expect Americans to afford their products when they fire them all?
  • thejester420
    its companies like this and others who are helping destroy our North American economy, were in a major recession/depression right now and people are losing the jobs to foreigners who will work for little next to nothing. I wish that the people overseas would realize that there getting screwed too, all they are doing is setting the president that people will work for little or nothing, they should be getting paid a lot more money. If there were actually REAL tariffs on internationally traded companies they would be much more inclined to stay in North America rather then go overseas to exploit poor people, which in turn, makes us just as poor.
  • ptroen
    Globalization vs Local Taxes/Tax incentives vs Unions vs Recession. Ok fight!
  • I hope IBM fails entirely.
  • nforce4max
    Just wait when tariffs really hammer these traitorous conglomerates. They drive down wages at home while they enslave people over seas for pennies on the dollar, a wonderful world right only for some deranged globalist.
  • omnimodis78
    our model of macroeconomics needs some (re)adjustments... This nonsense about cheap labour going to other nations simply doesn't make any sense anymore, it's getting out of control. At what point does it go so far out of balance where it doesn't even make any sense at all. I mean, if you take away 2,400 jobs, that's 2,400 less people buying things to make your economy viable and competitive. I know that's a simplified example, but I just don't get it. I was laid off a while back and as a result I spend a lot less than I did before, so how much money is really being saved if now people are also buying less products? Sheesh...
  • gayan
    welcome to capitalism....
    Its strange isn't it..we "hate" government regulation on the corporate sector but end up scratching our heads when the companies run after profits and lay off employees here in the US....