Intel Reveals New ''Canoe Lake'' Platform

Earlier today, Qualcomm announced the first of its dual-core Snapdragon CPUs. Not to be outdone, Intel has details plans for the company's Atom line, which will see netbooks shrink to just half an inch thick.

There are plenty of 'the world's slimmest' laptops out there but Intel took things to a whole new level in Taiwan today. The company showed off it's new dual-core Atom processors and although it was fairly quiet about the speed of the new Pine Trail chips, word on the street is that they'll be comparable to the dual-core Atoms currently available for desktops.

While the Pine Trail N series is interesting, it's no where near as interesting as Canoe Lake, Intel's new platform that will cut the size of netbooks considerably. On hand to give us an idea of just how fabulous Canoe Lake will be once it's launched was a 14mm thick laptop. That's right, it's just a smidge over half an inch thick.

Canoe Lake uses thermal cooling for Pine Trail netbooks instead of the traditional fan method. The laptop on display is said to be just a reference model for other manufacturers so while it's likely we won't see anything this thin for a while, it'll be interesting to see what manufacturers do with this.  

We hear netbooks packing dual-core atoms will be available in time for the holidays and while it's not solid, Intel says it expects partners to be utilizing the Canoe Lake platform by then too.

  • sliem
    Looks like accidental tennis ball hit will snap the hinges in half...
  • Kelavarus
    While it's a cool idea, it just doesn't seem that practical. Maybe use that extra width to make it comfortable, well ventilated, and strong? It really does look like a stray gust of wind will break the whole thing, never mind just the hinges, in half.
  • shamitoff
    Dell already makes a 14mm thick laptop on the Z600 with a 1.6Ghz proc
  • blasterth
    Canoe Lake uses thermal cooling for Pine Trail netbooks instead of the traditional fan methodThermal cooling ?
  • lonepasserby
    I'd rather an Atom that can match the power of a dual-core Athlon II.
  • nforce4max
    Ware I live it can get very windy and this looks to be to light but that isn't to bad if all one wants to do is surf the net or read ebooks while waiting for an appointment. Waiting 3 hours at the local DMV isn't fun at all.
  • kinggraves
    Okay, but ports still have a certain size as well, so this thing would lack any sort of standard ports. Take that condensed space and use it to fit more inside of it, maybe a respectable graphics card.
    This is what I'd say netbook owners want most, a book that can play 1080p without a hiccup, not a book they can snap in half.
  • freename
    Who comes up with these names? Canoe Lake?
  • jimmysmitty
    freenameWho comes up with these names? Canoe Lake?Lol
    They tend to be named after an area that they were developed in. Canoe Lake seems like an area in Oregon since thats where one of Intels biggest FABs is located.

    lonepasserbyI'd rather an Atom that can match the power of a dual-core Athlon II.
    Sure. But a dual core Athlon II can't match Atom in battery life. Atoms game is not pure performance. Thats Core. Atoms is ULV. And so far nothing matches Atom at its performance and power usage.

    I can see the applications of this for more than just Netbooks too. Being able to make something that thin would be q feat and probably work to produce very light and portable tablets that can be used in the science and medical field over a WiMAX network.

    Now if anything, this is also powered by Intels Moorestown based Atom and if so, didn't THG do a review of the CPU and they said it was capable of decoding dual 1080P HD streams?
  • kelemvor4
    They gonna have to change the placard to "World's second 14mm netbook". Intel's still playing catchup in ULV land by a wide margin.