Intel Responds to the EU's Publishing of Evidence

The BBC today reports that Intel is looking forward to the day when it can stand before a court of law and appeal the European Union's ruling. Intel CEO Paul Otellini spoke to BBC News following his keynote address at IDF yesterday afternoon.

"I can't wait to get our side of the story out in the public" Otellini said. "I continue to believe and assert they (the European Commission) have got it wrong. We have appealed and we will win on appeal."

The EU yesterday posted the details of rebates Intel offered to manufacturers in exchange for not stocking AMD products or delaying and sometimes canceling AMD product launches. According to the Beeb, Otellini said yesterday, "EU prosecutors have consistently ignored information that would have painted an entirely different story about those memos."

"We are precluded from releasing our own documents, which I thought was a bit unfair," said Mr. Otellini. "In the Intel case I think they have certainly overstepped."

To read more about the emails published, check out yesterday's piece. To read Paul Otellini's comments to the BBC, click here.

  • Montezuma
    Oh, I cannot wait for more AMD fanboys to flame Intel a little more. It always makes me laugh to watch hypocrisy in progress.
  • neiroatopelcc
    This is not something for fanboys to fight over, it's something politicians and comporate entities have to fight over.
  • randomizer
    Intel need to be burnt for what they've done, but preferably by some other government body.
  • dman3k
    LOL, Intel fanboys supporting intel's monopolist actions. Who'd knew???

    Let's use our superior market holding with inferior products to force our competitors out of business! Remember the majority of this happened during the AMD K6/K9/Athlon vs Intel Pentium 2/3/4 days.

    AMD had the superior products but just couldn't penetrate the market. Imagine if they were able to get their share of the market at the time. More than likely they'll have a better processor than the Core i7's. AMD just cannot compete because they do not have the money right now.
  • blackened144
    neiroatopelccThis is not something for fanboys to fight over, it's something politicians and comporate entities have to fight over.Apparently you dont visit this site that often and read the comments on the articles relating to this debacle..
  • im just going to wait and see how this turns out then make a judgment on it it seems to early to me.
  • presidenteody
    wwwoooo wait wait one second... ok let me get it straight, intel convinced everyone to buy their stuff, eventhough it may or may not be the best, lets assume AMD is better? ok, but assume intel markets better, assume intel offers rebates and volume discounts to pc manufactures with agreements to not sell competition as well as not lunching/delaying launching? OK so intel is to blame right? to be the one to offer deals to be under their discount wing? To be honest? No!!! I FEEL SORRY FOR AMD!!! BUT PUNISHING INTEL WILL NOT HELP AMD

    for the people of europe who feel intel "cheated" them and EU is right to fine intel for better commercials and better products thats not right at all

    If intel was selling snake oil i would do a 180 but show me where intel committed slander and lied.

    No joke i own 4 amd systems at this very moment and have built 4 intel systems for my friends that are die hard intel fans but like mac users dont know how to mount a 775 or the newest build i did for a friend a 1366.

    I am a huge AMD fan but if AMD cannot get the word out then someone needs to take their place, and the fines by the EU is not the right thing to do.

    I wish AMD could get there name out, i used to work in computer retail and a year ago people would come in saying "what/who is AMD?" And now with intel commercials i could bet it is worse. I don't feel like the people who purchased intel systems should feel cheated because when they purchased it they thought it was worth the price paid.
  • ceteras
    We shoud stop flaming, no matter on which side we are.
    We, the DIY consumers will never make a difference based on our purchasing option. We can go intel/amd as much as we want.

    It will only matter if AMD will get a better market share by signing deals with the big players (HP, Dell etc).
    If AMD would need to ramp-up production in order to satisfy demand, it would be doable (that's what investors are there for).
    They could compete in the lower end of the market (think 100$ quad core cpu)!
  • mitch074
    Wow. Intel asked the EC on what basis they were condemned, they got their answer; it's quite irrefutable, and now they cry foul for getting what they wanted.
  • montezuma: Intel claims innocence without an explanation, and you are automatically accepting it as fact, that's called being a fanboy. There's no way to misinterpret what the EU said, either Intel is the villain here, or the EU just made all of that stuff on it, it's not a matter of spinning it one way or the other.