Intel Sending out 32nm 'Westmere' Samples

Westmere, the next evolution of the Nehalem architecture, appears to be on track.

During an investor call earlier in the week, Intel CEO Paul Otellini revealed that the company’s 32-nm chip making process is well underway.

“Our 32nm process is very healthy and shows great promise for us. This is the reason we recently announced a $7.0 billion investment in plants and equipment to accelerate high volume deployment of this technology,” said Otellini.

The news ties into the progress related to Westmere, which is built on the 32-nm technology. Otellini not only revealed that is Westmere on track thanks to the stabilizing of manufacturing, but that Intel has already begun sending out samples of the part.

“We have pulled in Westmere, our fist 32nm product family, and will now be shipping those products later this year. We have shipped thousands of Westmere samples to over 30 OEM customers already.” he added.

Check out the full conference call transcript here.

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  • rodney_ws
    All hail our silicon overlords!
  • hillarymakesmecry
    My 6750 still plays (fps)games at 95% of the framerate of the new fancy $1,000 processors. I need a reason to update something other than my video card.
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  • rodney_ws
    All hail our silicon overlords!
  • V3ctor
    If Intel keeps running like this, there's no way AMD can catch them. Kudos to Intel, the giant has woken (and thanks AMD for the Athlon :D)
  • Greatwalrus
    Awesome! I know AMD and GlobalFounries is on great track with 32nm and/or 28nm also.

    But, Intel at least, probably still won't releasing low-end 32nm chips until late this year - after all, they still have to release the Core i5's (45nm) around quarter 3, so I don't think they'd start releasing 32nm products before then.