Intel's Larrabee Delayed Indefinitely

This past weekend Intel announced that its plans for the graphics processor codenamed 'Larrabee' have been put on hold. According to Reuters, Intel reps cited delays in the project that would make 'Larrabee' uncompetitive.

Intel's Nick Knupffer said yesterday that the company had decided to delay plans for the graphics card because Larrabee's silicon and software development are behind where it had hoped they would be at this point in time. Knupffer went on to say that Intel's first Larrabee project would be used as a software development platform for both graphic and high performance computing.

We've been hearing about Larrabee for almost three years so hearing the whole thing has been shelved is a bit of a shock. Intel first began discussing the project in April of 2007. Over the last two and a half years, working samples were shown and the company promised a 2009 launch, later delayed to a 2010 launch. Today a question mark hangs over Intel's plans to take on Nvidia and AMD in the graphics market. Intel says it plans to discuss Larrabee again in 2010.

"While we are disappointed that the product is not yet where we expected, we remain committed to delivering world-class many-core graphics products to our customers," Knupffer said, according to PCMag. "Additional plans for discrete graphics products will be discussed some time in 2010."

What are your thoughts on Intel's decision to delay Larrabee? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • vertigo_2000
    Intel NOT inside.

    I guess it CAN'T run Crysis.
  • cliffro
    Not disappointed, not excited either. Gives nvidia some breathing room though.
  • tester24
    HA! that's rich... World class and intel graphics really shouldn't be in the same sentence together.
  • San Pedro
    Not Surprised.
  • PrangeWay
    Anyone who is shocked by this was denying reality. When they announced it THREE years ago it was "as fast as currenty high-end", than 1.5 years ago it was "about 80% as fast as currenty high-end (pre 4870/260&280). Now we're into the 5000's and Fermi is in 3 months, what are they 40%? At probably higher cost? This was dead 2.5 years ago, that Intel finally admitted it is the only shocking part...
  • theubersmurf
    San PedroNot Surprised.You just violated your own rule. :P

    I heard the project was scrapped altogether. Link.
  • pullmyfinger123
    looks like that 1.2B cash settlement with AMD must have consumed all of Larrabee's budget...
  • theubersmurf
    tester24HA! that's rich... World class and intel graphics really shouldn't be in the same sentence together.Or rather, you just violated your own rule...not san Pedro. :P
  • anamaniac

    I wanted to run a 4P motherboard running four hexacore i9's with 8 sockets for 48 core Larrabees.
    Oh well...
  • mirkos
    I m sure that Intel is co-op with Blizzard to create this product. It should be ready two days before Diablo 3 and Duke Nukem simultaneous launch.