Ubi Kickstarter Project to Create Siri-Like Home Assistant

Without a doubt, the science fiction genre of books and movies have inspired or predicted many of today's advancements in technology. But one of the things all of us are still longing for is a sophisticated digital butler with a quirky attitude to take care of all our menial tasks. We may be far from having our own artificially intelligent Jarvis, but the Ubi kickstarter project is a great step in the right direction.

Short for Ubiquitous Computer, Ubi is an Android 4.0-powered personal assistant device that docks itself into any power outlet of your home. Much like Apple's Siri or its competitors, Ubi will act as a digital, voice-activated assistant capable of performing tasks such as searching the internet for information, calling a contact, recording a memo or setting an alarm.

Ubi Computer Kickstarter Project

The device is equipped with an 800MHz ARM CPU, 1GB of RAM, WiFi/Bluetooth compatibility and a USB slot. In addition, the device includes sensors for temperature, humidity, air pressure and ambient light. Like other digital assistants, Ubi features a synthesized voice but also comes with multiple colored LED lighting that can be programmed to light up for notifications such as emails or text messages.

So what makes Ubi different from just using Siri in your home? Unlike other smartphone assistants, the Ubi project works on an open platform, opening the door for companies and individuals to create limitless Ubi-capable devices and software. With a pledge of $189 or more, you can reserve your own Ubi unit on the Kickstarter project page.


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  • ansemx324
    We've all been waiting for something like this to come to the consumer market, and I'm glad they did it right; Open is how it should be, so the world can make this what we need it to be, rather than having the company control it and make it what they 'think' we want it to be. Bravo!
  • master_chen
  • Pennanen
    Why does Toms post about kickstarters all the time? Are they really news worthy?