LEDs Everywhere: Stylish Desk Lamps by epro/Prodisc

The company has a booth at Computex just to showcase its portfolio of LED-powered desk lamps. Using LEDs has a number of advantages. First of all these require less energy than conventional bulbs, halogen lamps or even energy-saving fluorescent lamps. Secondly, LEDs potentially have a much longer life expectancy than other light sources, making them ideally suitable for all applications where you don’t want lighting to fail.

epro/Prodisc offers its LumenPrime series, which consists of several full-size LED desktop lamps. The miniLumen series consists of six different LED lamps, much smaller in size than the LumenPrime. Both are equipped with LED arrays that provide a blue-ish bright light. A color controlled temperature system allows to adjust the color temperature between 5000 Kelvin (warm white) and 7000 Kelvin (cold white), and it automatically adjust the light intensity between 200 Lux and 1400 Lux as well. This feature, however, is only available for some models.

The manufacturer says that LED light provides better visibility for reading and working.