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LG's Beautiful 55-inch OLED TV Hitting the UK This Summer

Cast your mind back to January and you might remember that LG kicked off pre-orders for its new 55-inch OLED TV in Korea at the beginning of the year. If you're in the UK and were drooling at the thought of such a device, we have good news: LG is launching that same device in the UK this coming summer.


While many people have 55-inch panels in the home, the expense associated with producing large OLED panels is much higher. As such, the TVs themselves are fairly costly. However, because OLED layers are flexible and lighter, OLED displays don't require backlighting and the colours are more vivid and the blacks are very deep.

First announced at CES 2012 and originally scheduled for launch some time last year, the TV boasts passive 3D and a Full HD resolution. It weighs around 16 pounds and boasts a thickness of less than 4-mm. LG said last year that it was based on its Oxide TFT (which replaces Amorphous Silicon with a cheaper Oxide) White-OLED (WOLED) panel with color filters (RGBW). It started shipping to Korea in February and will ship to the UK in July. Pricing is said to be £10,000, which is significantly more than the $8,000 USD price tag that was floating around in January.

Still no word on a U.S. launch but we'll keep you posted.

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