LG Leak Reveals Dual-core Tegra 2 Android Tablet

Remember Honeycomb, the Android build supposedly optimized for tablets and ousted by Samsung a couple of months back? If you were wondering what happened it amidst all the talk of Gingerbread and Ice Cream, we've got a treat for you. An official at LG has confirmed that the company has a tablet running the new-fangled OS scheduled for launch in 2011.

MK News cites a senior official at LG who says the company will launch an 8.9-inch iPad rival at the beginning of 2011. And, as if it being a Honeycomb device wasn't interesting enough, but this device is also said to pack a dual-core Tegra 2.

"LG Electronics decided to launch a new tablet PC, so-called LG Pad, both in the domestic and overseas markets in the first quarter of the next year when Google unveils Honeycomb, tablet PC-version Android OS," the official is quoted as saying.

That's a big punch for a relatively small device, and it seems LG is hoping its tablet will attract those looking for more than the casual computing experience offered by the likes of the iPad and Galaxy Tab.

"While the existing tablet PCs focus on e-book, movie, music and the internet functions, LG’s new tablet PC is jumping into the market with more diverse contents based on powerful functions," the official said.

MK News doesn't name its source, other than to note he or she is a senior member of staff at LG. However, it seems LG itself isn't quite so ready to talk about the tablet. In a statement to Engadget the company said it has nothing official to announce just yet.

Source: MK News via Engadget

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  • house70
    that combo can only be good!...
  • back_by_demand
    When are the Windows 7 tablets coming, the hardware is good but Android is just so yawn...
  • ares1214
    Id like to see more tegra 2 performance benchmark, but sounds good to me! Im glad it wont be samsung making it though, LG and HTC have much better build qaulity, atleast in my opinion.