LG Announces August 7 Event in NYC: New Optimus Phones?

Samsung and Facebook had their events today and now it's LG's turn to send out the invitations. The company has just sent out summons for an event it's planning in New York City later this summer. Scheduled for August 7, the invitation reveals little about the event's agenda. Par for the course if you're looking to generate some degree of hype, unfortunately.


Of course, with all the rumors about a fall launch for the next iteration of the Optimus G, the Optimus G2, you have to wonder if that's the device we'll be seeing in the Big Apple come August. Last we heard, the Optimus G2 was headed to the United Kingdom in Q3 of this year but because the UK never actually got the original Optimus G, it's hard to gauge what that might mean for international availability or even just the North American market.

Previous rumors about the G2 have talked about a full 1080p HD 5-inch display, but that was back in January, so a lot could have changed since then. Stay tuned and we'll keep you posted.

  • teh_chem
    Dear LG,

    I applaud you pushing new devices. But could you please find it in you to be better about software updates? And if possible, convince the carriers to update their LG devices as well. More than just once...