Lenovo Makes Thinkpad T400s Official

Until today, all we had were rumors about what was inside the T400s. Lenovo today confirmed that the super-thin laptop would pack either a 2.4 GHz or a 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo, a 128 GB SSD or a 250 GB HDD, a 9.5 mm slim DVD burner or Blu-ray player, Ethernet, WiFi, optional WiMAX / WWAN / Bluetooth / ultra-wideband, a 34mm ExpressCard slot (or 5-in-1 card reader), VGA / DisplayPort outputs and nearly six hours of battery life.

The company has also released three docking stations for users of the super-slim laptop in the form of the ThinkPad Port Replicator Series 3, the ThinkPad Mini-Dock Series 3 and the ThinkPad Mini Dock Plus 3 all of include a range of multi-monitor support as well meeting your USB, Display Port and eSATA needs.

Pricing starts at in or around $1,599, depending on the configurations you choose with the computer, and is available in the U.S. immediately. If you missed the videos of the laptop getting run over by a truck or being left out to withstand the horrors of a tornado, check out the videos below.

We’re guessing not too many of you would be willing to drop nearly $1,600 on a laptop just to run over it with a DOW truck but who knows, maybe there’s a spent thrifty reader willing to prove us wrong.

T400s Run over by DOW

The ThinkPad T400s Goes Tornado Chasing

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  • matt2k
    haha, advertising at its best. i actually want one of those now :)
  • TheMan1214
    i giggled when i saw this and the boss asked me hwat was funny, said tornadoes were and he just wlaked away
  • jeraldjunkmail
    But does it play Crysis? I'm not even joking, no video card specs? So? DOES it play Crysis?!?