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Nokia: Camera, Wireless Charging Key to Lumia 920 Success

Nokia has explained the qualities which it's hoping to spearhead the success of the Lumia 920 such as its camera quality and wireless charging component.

Nokia's marketing head Chris Weber said during Windows Phone 8 launch in San Francisco: "In the Lumia 920 there are five distinct areas [of differentiation]: Imaging, wireless charging, screen, location and music. These are the first phones where we've been able to add the Nokia secret sauce."

In order to put the aforementioned points into fruition, Nokia will be distributing gadgets to mobile phone stores, which will predominately be based on the Lumia 920's camera capabilities. A cardboard box, for example, will have a dim light inside and will allow consumers to take low-light photos and compare them.

The smartphone also features exclusive camera apps, otherwise known as "lenses" such as Cinemagraph; the app combines still images and video to make pictures resemble an animated GIF.

Looking towards the future, Weber didn't rule out utilizing the 41-megapixel camera technology in Nokia's 808 PureView within a future Windows Phone. "Our ambitions are to bring more and more of that technology to the Windows Phone platform.

"In one of the countries that was pre-selling the Lumia, over 70 per cent of the people who pre-ordered, ordered wireless charging. We're working with partners to bring unique bundles around wireless charging."

He referred to Nokia's mapping and location-based apps as another strong selling point for the Lumia 920. "That will be a towering strength of ours, not only the points of interest and data, but the number of countries and languages we're in."

"A lot of the feedback we've gotten ... shows the trend of how much people are moving to soft keyboards, and the biggest carriers in the US all tell us that the Windows Phone keyboard is by far the best keyboard out there," he added. "That's where we need to focus; we have to make people aware of how good the soft keyboard is in Windows."

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