MacBook Mini Concept: April Fool?

It seems like Macs are subject to the most mocked-up photos when it comes to visualizing the rumors. Mac fans don’t do anything half way and these pictures of the more than likely fake MacBook Mini are a perfect example.

This machine is definitely pretty, but is it real? "No way," would be my take on it but 9to5 Mac points to an advertisement in a Russian magazine which details (based on commenter translation) some pretty wobbly specs, but specs none the less.

Despite the fact that Apple has been saying there will be neither a MacBook Nano or iPhone Nano, people seem to be dead set on a netbook or ultraportable from Apple. If we were pushed for an answer we’d say Apple would rather go the ultraportable route than the netbook route. Ultra portables don’t come with the same bargain bin pricing and I doubt Apple will bring in more consumer-friendly pricing anytime soon.

Still, pretty things are fun to look at. 

Credit: 9to5 MacCredit: 9to5 MacCredit: 9to5 MacCredit: 9to5 Mac

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  • SneakySnake
    This would be a stupid release - as it would be in direct sales conflict with the macbook air
  • waikano
    How come every time Jane posts an article about an Apple product/rumor the PC fan boys go off?!?! I say keep them coming, just got my new Mini on Friday and oh so loving it. Makes the perfect HTPC.
  • geckoar
    I guess but MAC cannt do blu-ray and Jobs said he doesnt want blu-ray so your mini as An HTPC is a no go for me. I use my PC as my gaming rig and HTPC running 1080p and 7.1 sound and blu-ray.