70% of Microsoft Staff are Working on the Cloud

Speaking yesterday at the University of Washington, Steve Ballmer told students that the cloud has always been a source of tension at Microsoft and there's a lot of unrealized potential. Ballmer revealed that at the moment, 70 percent of Microsoft employees are working on cloud-related project. In a year's time, that number will have jumped to 90 percent. “We’re all in,” PaidContent cites the CEO as saying. “This is the bet for our company.”

Cloud computing is something a lot of people have no faith in. Trusting an outside source with all of your information is risky, and keeping a back up of all your documents sort of defeats the purpose of cloud storage. Do you think there will ever be a time when you trust the Cloud with your work? Let us know in the comments below.

Read more about Ballmer's speech here.

  • Hilarion
    Not a chance in hell with the likes of Microsoft and Google wanting to take charge of MY data.....
  • jossrik
    I don't trust clowns at all.
  • jonathan1683
    I doubt it, it depends on the data really. I can't see myself giving them all my photos and what not. I do not want people going through my personal files which is bound to happen.
  • jeverson
    So... Microsoft will be going under in just over a years time... hmm... interesting... I think someone has been replacing their non-dairy creamer with another powdery white substance... cloud computing will be a part of the future... but it won't be the future
  • zoemayne
    cloud computing will be a success for businesses to save cost on computing costs and IT staff but for home use It is not needed. It wont be that much of a success for home users I hope.
    No faith. This is an old model that originally failed, and persoanl computers are a hell of a lot more powerful now.

    The reason and potential they are talking about is control and profit.

    1) They are going to kill computer advances for users, thus forcing you to pay premiums for sub-par processing. (Atom and entourage)
    2) They are going to jack the prices of all powerful servers that will be sold to corporations to power cloud apps.
    3) They are going to start being as invasive as google when it comes to your personal info and what kind of money they can make from it.

  • bob s
    Its not Cloud Storage from a reliablity standpoint that I have a problem with. I, like others, don't trust cloud privacy. Too many companies like to act as big brothers and look at everything.
  • flyinfinni
    I will never be in with cloud computing. I want to keep my own data on my own hardware. I hate storing it somewhere else.
  • bydesign
    Hell no isn't the recent Google/China hacking event not clear enough. No accountability, no security and no control over you own data. Please pass whatever you’re smoking over here. Only a retard would trust the cloud.
  • But how many of them are working FROM the cloud?