Microsoft Vomits New Internet Explorer 8 TV Spot

We’ve reported on a lot of the advertisements from the likes of Apple, Microsoft and Intel but none of them have made us feel physically ill. The following video is not for those burdened with a weak stomach.

For those of you who'd prefer not to watch, the commercial is an attempt to highlight the advantages of private browsing, one of the features offered with IE8. In summary, a woman borrows her husband's laptop and manages to send herself to a site so disgusting and displeasing to the eye that it makes her puke.

Just when you think it couldn't get any worse, enter Dean Cain -- an older, chubbier Dean Cain than most of us would remember. He talks about some stuff and private browsing but really, I wasn't even listening because I was too busy watching the woman in the background toss her cookies, again. On her husband. In total, the lady throws up three times. Not yet clear if the second and third time were Dean Cain related.

Watch the ad below and let us know what you think.

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  • Uhh...funny at first...but LAME later.

    Firefox RULES!!! (:
  • thiago
    What the hell... What were they thinking, really...?
  • JumpKickJoe
    O.M.G.I.G.P. myself.......

    Use IE8? O.M.G.I.R.G.P.!!!!
  • icepick314
    is that for real?

    it looks like it's from
  • jacobdrj
    If (the real) Superman (AKA Dean Cain) tells me to get IE 8, than by god, I am going to get IE 8 (because it is included on Windows 7).
  • Geibys
    They're trying to hard now, i was fine with the I'm a PC ads but this? do they even really need to advertise their browser, i mean it does come with every copy of windows across the globe (excluding EU)

    But this ad seems like the work of a marketing exec who was up all night with the deadline the next morning couldn't figure out what to do until his kid pukes on his laptop and then he said I GOT IT!!!!!

    And just a side note this so called ad made me want to use IE8 even less. Thanks for that Microsoft money well spent!
  • Honis
    icepick314is that for real?it looks like it's from agree. If not for the actor who use to play Superman I'd thought this who thing was fake!
  • jacobdrj
    Props to MS for creativity, if not some edgy-ness...
  • BallistaMan
    That's just wrong...they're actually putting that on TV?
  • alvine
    so your saying that IE8 will save me from my webside history from hairy%@%@#$

    I will stick with FF3.5 (: