Report: Microsoft's Intel-powered Surface to Cost $1000

Though Microsoft was happy to show off the Surface's nifty keyboard cover and boast about its Core i-series support, the company was a little less enthusiastic when it came to talking about the price of its new tablets. Set for availability in the fall, the most Redmond would say was that the ARM-based Surface would be priced "like comparable tablets based on ARM," and the Surface Pro would pack something similar to the price of an ultrabook.

Today brings us rumors of something more specific than that. Just yesterday word on the street was that the ARM-based Surface would cost $600 and the Wintel model $799 at the very least. The Next Web is now reporting that while the Windows RT Surface will cost $599, the Intel version of the tablet is going to cost closer to $1000. TNW cites a source close to Microsoft in reporting that the Tegra 3 powered RT model will retail for $599 and the Ivy Bridge Windows 8 Pro model will sell for $999.

Even with the innovative keyboard cover, these prices are definitely pause for thought. At a time when tablets are largely seen as companion devices designed to complement your laptop or PC as opposed to replace it, customers might find the idea of spending $1000 on a 10.6-inch tablet ludicrous. To that end, the cheaper ARM-based model might be more appropriately priced, but it's still at least a hundred dollars more than similar devices available today.

Of course the upside of unveiling a product months before you plan to release it is that you can watch the market's reaction to the device and determine details like pricing, final specs, 3G connectivity, and bundled accessories based on real-life feedback. Either way, it will be interesting to see the final prices when Microsoft does release them.

How much would you pay for Microsoft's Surface? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • nbelote
    Not $1000.

    Microsoft needs to xbox360 their way into the market and not charge oodles of money for devices. Sell it far below cost to seize market share from Amazon and Apple.
  • Both of those prices are out of line. First of all, why an i5 processor anyway? Why didn't Microsoft go with Medfield? Intel is making a dual core version of Medfield specifically for tablets which will be generally more powerful than their ARM counterparts and could run Windows Pro or Windows RT. It would have cost a lot less than the $1000 version. While having a full fledged i5 processor with Ivy graphics is a boon, is all that power necessary for a companion device? I wouldn't buy a tablet over a laptop. I can understand that this version does come with a keyboard and all, but using expensive i5 parts over tablet style Medfield parts seems to be a miscalculation.

    If I buy a tablet, it will likely be one of the Medfield variety from other vendors so I can run regular Windows on it while keeping the cost reasonable.
  • kodekov
    The difference here is that this is basically an ultrabook and a laptop! 2 for one AND it comes with the ultimate productivity tool, Windows 8 Pro!! :)
  • oneblackened
    Why an i5? 'Cause they're fast and the low power ones rival an Atom for power consumption while being much faster.
  • kodekov
    Not laptop meant tablet sorry!
  • loops
    Gaming PC 1000
    Kindle fire 200 bucks
    Smart phone 100 bucks

    Office : pc

    Now 1000 for what?
  • A Bad Day
    Did they use gold or other large amount of precious metal on those or what?...
  • memadmax
    "the Intel version of the tablet is going to cost closer to $100"
    Sweet, sign me up for a 1000 of them
  • eddieroolz
    So I guessed right. It's nice, and you'll pay dearly for it.
  • 0 $. Instead of ARM, why not use lower-end intel processors. They seem ok, and more importantly are x86 compatible.