Modbook Tablet Made From a MacBook Priced at $3,499

Modbook has announced that pre-orders have opened for its 13-inch MacBook tablet, which will set consumers back $3,499.

Set to ship mid-November, the base price is $3,499, and you'll have to pay a $500 deposit. In addition to the base unit, several upgrades are available for those interested.

"Custom configuration options for the Modbook Pro include the choice between a 2.5GHz Intel Core i5 or 2.9GHz Intel Core i7 dual-core processor, increased memory up to 16GB and select solid-state drive options with up to 480GB of internal storage. As the only OS X tablet computer of its kind, the Modbook Pro can be ordered to come preinstalled (via OS X's Boot Camp utility) with Windows 7 as a secondary operating system, or even to boot natively into Windows 7 right out of the box," the company explained.

"The dynamic product configurator also allows customers to build out a full desktop setup with up to two standard or Wacom pen-enabled large-screen displays, adding a maximum of 5020 by 1600 pixels (two 2560-by-1600-pixel external displays) to the Modbook Pro's built-in 1280 by 800 pixel screen."

Modbook originally made its debut back in 2008, which is when it was a hand-built mod that saw 13-inch white polycarbonate MacBooks being deconstructed and then put back together as large touch-screen tablets.

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  • spartanmk2
    Thanks, but no thanks :D
  • bystander
    I imagine only the wealthy, or obsessed would go for this type of price. This isn't much different than the new MS Slate Pro coming out that is looking to be 1/3rd the price. I'm sure it has advantages, but not that much. I'm sure a good deal of the costs come from manual mods.
  • spentshells
    dual core i5 and I7 interesting.....
  • sliem
    Should be called Madbook for its mad price.
  • I'd rather wait for the Surface Pro and end up with a better product at likely 30% the cost of this silly device. Heck, for this kind of money I could grab a Surface Pro, an Ultrabook, a Desktop and have enough left over to re-carpet a room or two in my house. I'll never understand why people are willing to blow this kind of money on Apple products when better, cheaper alternatives exist.
  • esrever
    Priced like a Mac thats for sure, this makes microsoft's surface look like a giveaway...
  • bllue
    Might as well just buy a Surface Pro. Better hardware, better software, better efficiency, extremely better price.
  • robochump
    Nice!!! But not $3500 nice.....though this reminds me I need to get rich!
  • dauntekong
    Good luck, now Apple is going to take your work and claim they made it. Then sues you for it.
  • Sbmhome
    You don't understand why people are willing to blow that kind of money on an Apple product?

    Well I don't understand why people can't comprehend simple articles.

    Modbook pro is NOT an Apple product.

    They aren't even affiliated with Apple.

    Do I think this is a dumb over priced idea? Of course I do, you can buy a MacBook Pro, iPad and PC for less that this one product.

    It may have apple internals, but don't blame apple for some company that buys their product, modifies it and tries to sell it to consumers. They have nothing to do with it.