Steam Banning Innocent MW2 Players, Maybe

Is Valve banning innocent gamers? That's what disgruntled Modern Warfare 2 gamers have been claiming over the past week. Apparently Valve's Anti-Cheat software (VAC)--built into Steam--is kicking out MW2 gamers for alleged cheats.

The problem is that these gamers say they weren’t cheating, and Valve's stance--past and present-- is that it will not revoke or discuss the reason behind the banning. This alone makes it difficult to determine the "cheat" that actually triggered the VAC.

Angry Modern Warfare 2 players can be found (and read) in four places: the Modern Warfare 2 forums, the Steam forums, an invite-only Steam Group, and even via a YouTube video showcasing the actual error and various rants of the forums.

"It's becoming apparent that a large number of people are being affected by VAC bans in relation to MW2," reads one post. "These VAC bans are not because we are cheaters, but because we have been a victim of bad software implantation, sourcing from either VAC or MW2 or a combination of the two. If we make ourselves heard, then hopefully Valve will investigate this issue and prevent others being affected."

Currently Valve hasn't issued a statement, however the sheer number of banned users should promote some kind of investigation. There's speculation that a conflict between Modern Warfare 2 and VAC exists, however forum representatives are saying that the issue can't be fixed. Those who were hit by the VAC will need to repurchase the game in order to play it again.

  • clivene09
    Sounds like a plan by Activision to make more money.
  • dannyboy3210
    Jeez, either a bug or a P.I.T.A. new marketing scheme...
    I'm glad I stuck with MW1, it works fine, even with 3 people playing online together with one cd-code. ^^^

    Good to know though, because a friend of mine plays it.
  • IronRyan21
    There might be a problem, but then again there is so many damn hackers on MW2
  • AMW1011
    Happened to me awhile back, not sure why. I never played the game in the public, I only bought it to play private with some friends. I always wondered if it was because I changed it to a windowed game instead of full screen once because my PC was pumping out the music and MW2 wont allow you to minimize in a game lobby or game. Well if so, that's not against their policy, I checked.

    When it happened I just kind of laughed, I wasn't a big fan anyway. I liked the damage modifiers better than BFBC2, but the fact that every gun had absolutely no sway kind of pissed me off. Then again putting half a light machine gun magazine in someone charging at you only to die first by a rifle grenade in BFBC2 pisses me off too.
  • adikos
    glad i uninstalled the game from my system. got sick and tired of playing with cheaters and getting thrown into server with weird hosts, weird mods (not sure how they get on there). I'm wondering if that is partially to blame.

    As for me, I'm done with that game and I'd wager its more MW2 than it is Valve... least i hope.
  • dannyboy3210
    Looks like there's good news too though...

    (A thread showing that they have been unbanning people and giving them free copies of L4D2 for the troubles caused by the ban)
    with a quick glance at the steam forums apperantly the vac bans have been lifted?
  • Strider-Hiryu_79
    This is Activision/Valve/Infinity Ward's way of saying "We are now charging (innocent legitimate players) for online multiplayer!" without them actually saying it in words.

    What did they say last time? "We are not charging for online multiplayer!" Yah right!

    R.I.P. Old IW. Call of duty games died with your dismissal.
  • duckmanx88
    its been fixed already. update your article.
  • retrac1324
    Had this happen to me. Received this email: