Firefox 4 Beta 1 Now Available for Download

Windows users will notice a big change in interface design, which, among other things, has tabs located along the top by default. There's also a new Add-Ons Manager, which affords more space to managing add-ons, themes and plugins. Firefox 4 Beta 1 brings support for HTML5 and WebM, improvements to privacy, crash protection, and a boost in performance when it comes to start-up and page-load times.

Features expected in the future include the ability to sync your settings, passwords, bookmarks, history, open tabs and other customizations across multiple devices; better privacy controls; yet more improvements to performance; and the same themes for OS X and Linux.

Mozilla's Mike Beltzner warns that not everything in this release will make the final cut but, as always, the best way to ensure your favorite features are included is to get in on the Beta and provide feedback to that effect. FF4B1 even includes a Feedback add-on to make it easier to send in your likes and dislikes.

Download Firefox 4 Beta 1 for Linux, Windows or OSX here and let us know what you think are the biggest and most important improvements.

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  • thejerk
    it's still just a beta you whiners. submit a recomendation if you want changes.
  • atdhe
    OMG, a firefox article without the firefox chick? WTF!?!?

    Joking aside, there's just one thing i don't like about firefox, it just feels 'heavy', besides that, together with Chrome, there's nothing better out there.
  • geossj5
    mozilla ... way to chromify firefox
  • Other Comments
  • shening
    not bad .. i still like chrome more
  • phoenix777
    Chrome all the way. Firefox doesn't work well on my 64 bit Win7
  • footsoldier
    I hope they will change the interface. I totally dislike it