Mozilla: No Firefox for iOS in the Works

If you're an iPhone user hankering after Firefox on your phone, you're going to be waiting a while. Mozilla this week revealed that it won't be pushing out a version of Firefox for iOS until Apple changes its ways.

CNet cites Mozilla vice president of product, Jay Sullivan, as saying there is no Firefox for iOS in the works. Not only that, but Sullivan told attendees at South by Southwest that the company didn't have any plans to produce such an app because of Apple's strict policies on third-party browsers. According to CNet, the nonprofit doesn't feel it can build the browser it wants to build because it's not allowed to use the same rendering and javascript engines on iOS. Speaking in a statement to PCMag, Sullivan said that the decision was down to constraints with environment and distribution.

Firefox uses the Gecko engine while Apple's Safari uses WebKit. Clearly Mozilla is waiting until it can do things its own way. Unfortunately, anyone waiting for Apple to change its ways to accommodate others, particularly its rivals, might be waiting a long time.

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  • nukemaster
    Well it makes sense. IF you can not use your own rendering engine, you are kind of going to gimp your own program. The only use would be to at least have your bookmarks/history synced
  • uhh3000
    Apple being too restrictive? Who woulda thunk
  • cryogenic
    The EU bureaucrats should also target Apple with an investigation if they bothered in Microsoft's case.
  • warezme
    uhh3000Apple being too restrictive? Who woulda thunkWho knew? (more sarcasm)
  • The_Weevil
    @ cryogenic: current news about the EU fining MS are just the aftermath of a process started a really log time ago, when Windows + IE really DID have kind of a monopoly (At a time before Firefox, long before Chrome; Apple at that time struggling to stay afloat and Linux far away from today's point-and-click distributions like Ubuntu. Yeah, I feel old.)