NEC to Debut Dual-screen Android Tablet at CES

CES 2011 is going to be one, big, touchscreen tablet party and we already know that we're going to be sick to the teeth after one day on the show floor. Still, there's a certain breed of tablets we're looking forward to and that's the dual-screen tablet.

We first saw this concept in Microsoft's now-canned Courier. More of a notebook than a tablet, the device caught our attention and we were disappointed to learn Microsoft had "shelved" the device. Still, we didn't have long to wait before another company came along and produced the Courier, or at least a Courier-like device. Dubbed the Iconia, Acer's dual-screen laptop was introduced last month and packs two 14-inch displays. Just before that, the Kno, a dual-screen "ereader" of a similar size, was busy astounding us with its high price tag.

Now, we're hearing rumors that the dual-screen laptop/tablet/ereader/whatever trend is set to continue through to CES. PC World reports that NEC will bring it's own dual-screen tablet to Las Vegas next month. Modeled on the LifeTouch slate that the company showed off last year, the device will feature two 7-inch displays and also assume the same LifeTouch moniker.

Not a lot is known about the device just now. However, speaking to PC World via email, NEC said that the mobile computer will feature support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G. The company will also be showing off an Android netbook with a physical keyboard for those of us who find the idea of a full-size touchscreen keyboards especially nauseating.

For an idea of what one half of the dual-screen LifeTouch might look like, check out the video of the single-screen version below.

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  • shin0bi272
    no offense but it looks a litle under powered. page turns take too long, and did you see how long it took to bring up the video of the flower? he clicked the play button and it took 2 or 3 seconds to do ANYTHING.
  • processthis
    The only dual-screen device that comes to mind is the Nintendo DS and that's been around for some time. It would be interesting if dual-screen devices became a common, popular trend.
  • dEAne
    I don't like it, it's quite slow - it needs more improvement and the device is not really that attractive.