Netflix UK Will Get Season 5 of Breaking Bad First

Netflix has announced customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland will be the first with access to the latest season of Breaking Bad. Part one of season five consists of eight episodes and will arrive on Netflix November 1. Netflix has confirmed that it will be showing the first half of season five before anyone other broadcaster but offered no information on just how much of a lead it would have over the competition. 

The news follows a similar announcement regarding the new season of Arrested Development. Earlier this year, Netflix U.S. announced that it would be premiering the entire fourth season of Arrested Development in one lump sometime in 2013. Then, in July, Netflix UK announced that customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland would be getting a similar deal. In fact, Netflix UK and Ireland is to be the exclusive home to season four of Arrested Development, which means you'll have to sign up if you want any of that Arrested Development action.

Netflix launched in the UK and Ireland in January of this year and announced in August that it had already surpassed one million subscribers. The company revealed at the time that it had reached this major milestone in just seven months, faster than in any other territory.

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  • furylicious
  • dark_lord69
    I don't know what to think about season 5 of Breaking Bad. Season 4 ended perfectly, like it could have just been the end of the series. I have no clue what will happen in season 5 but since the others were so good I'm still excited to find out.
  • slabbo
    oh, when's the USA getting season 5? or is it the same time as the UK's? What really got my attention was "new season of Arrested Development" OMFG, really? I didn't know they were making a new season! Awesome shows!
  • lockhrt999
    slabbooh, when's the USA getting season 5?So, who got that fifth season first? Bhutan?
  • Season 1: Good
    Season 2: Even Better
    Season 3: First half good, second half ?????
    Season 4: Good again
    Season 5: Almost like a different show