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Nexus 5 Rumours Point to Better Camera But No 1080p OLED

According to Phone Arena's tipster, Google is moving full steam ahead with some radical changes in its approach to the upcoming Nexus 5. Despite the phone's predicted release not being until October, some early information suggests that Google has done away with 1080p resolutions and is instead focusing on the camera.

The fact is, making a 1080p OLED and fitting it in a 4.7 inch device is quite hard, so Google might be opting for a 4.5 inch 720p IPS screen. This not only means that the screen to phone ratio would be higher than on most other phones, but also that the phone could be more compact and have a thinner bezel. Now, before the videophiles complain that this isn't even close to Apple's Retina display, stop and contemplate the fact the Google might be redeeming the smaller screen size by adding a Nikon branded 9-megapixel triple prism sensor to the device's camera.

That aside, device may also pack Qualcomm's Snapdragon 600, which has thus far shown itself to rival Nvidia's Tegra 4. It's also beaten Apple's A6 in every single test that CPUBoss has thrown at them. The OS will obviously be Google's own Android. While specifics are scarce, we can expect an Android update specifically for this phone. As a result, the device is thought to contain 3 GB of RAM, although non-expandable internal storage (as with the Nexus 4) douses the flames of excitement a bit.

Two conflicting rumors regarding battery capacity states either 2800 mAH or 3300 mAH. The Samsung Galaxy Note II, which has a 5.55 inch screen and an enormous 1280x720 resolution, can last up to 10 hours on LTE thanks to its 3100 mAH battery. If Google gives this smaller phone an even larger battery capacity you could probably reach the 15 hour mark without even turning off your 4G. Is the slightly smaller screen still bothering you now?

While the rumors sound incredibly juicy and point to a next generation of phones that can finally hold a charge on a busy day, remember that these are all rumors and Google has not confirmed any of it. What are your thoughts on this? Excited to get your hands on this new device, or do you think other companies will have surpassed these specification by the Nexus 5's release date?

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