Confirmed: Nokia's 808 PureView Coming to U.S. After All

Back in March, Nokia wowed the mobile industry with the introduction of its 808 PureView, a camera phone aimed at enthusiasts and packing a 41-megapixel camera sensor. However, Nokia soon broke our hearts with the revelation that the 808 PureView wouldn't be launching in North America. Specifically, the company's developer site listed availability as 'Global, excluding North America.'

However, it seems Nokia has changed its mind, because now the phone is coming to the United States. Nokia today revealed via its Conversations blog that the company would be responding to consumer interest and working with Amazon to launch the 808 PureView smartphone in the U.S.

The Phone will be available unlocked and unsubsidized through where U.S. consumers will be able to purchase the Nokia 808 PureView for $699 and use it with a compatible SIM card from AT&T.

Pre-orders will be starting up sometime during the week, so keep an eye out on Amazon or sign up here to be notified by Nokia.

[Update] Looks like Nokia's has updated its Conversations blog posting. The company originally said the phone would only work on T-Mobile's 2G network, however, this is apparently not the case.

"We incorrectly stated that the Nokia 808 PureView would only work with T-Mobile at 2G speeds," said Nokia's Jeppe Christense. This was caused by an error in the spec sheet. We're sorry about any confusion. The Nokia 808 PureView works just fine with T-Mobile in the United States."

Thanks for the tip, anonymous9999 and Athreex!

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  • bustapr
    unlocked, but only activated with an AT&T SIM card? umm...
  • JMcEntegart
    bustaprunlocked, but only activated with an AT&T SIM card? umm...

    This is because the 808 isn't a penta-band device. As a result, it is only compatible with AT&T's 3G network. :(

    Edit: Looks like I was wrong -- it is penta-band. Apparently Nokia made a mistake in the spec sheet and subsequently announced that it would only get 2G speeds on T-Mobile. In fact, the 808 will run just fine on both AT&T and T-Mobile when it is launched in the U.S. Hurray!

    Thanks to anonymous9999 and athreex for the correction. :)
  • aftcomet
    While a good camera is important, it shouldn't be the only focus of the phone. A basic DSLR will still laughably outperform it. I'd rather they invested those resources into a really nice screen since you're looking at it the most.