Leaked Photos Show Massive Camera on Nokia EOS Phone

Ever since 2012's 41-megapixel 808 PureView, there's been talk of Nokia putting a similarly powerful lens on a Windows Phone device. January brought talk of a device codenamed EOS and packing a camera similar to the one in the 808 PureView and now it seems we're getting a peek at what we can expect that device to look like.

Leaked images showing a Nokia phone with a massive camera around the back have cropped up in at least three places online. Crave points to photos appeared on Chinese-language site WPDang, that show the cover for a Nokia device with a huge hole for the device's camera (above). GSM Arena has its own set of images (one directly below) that show a similarly monstrous camera on the backside of a smartphone as well as several other photos of the device itself. WindowsPhone Central has reposted photos from a Twitter user going by the name of ViziLinks (below, second). These photos show the back of the device and its camera but the megapixel-count for the lens is censored with an 'XX.'


Nokia's 808 PureView (below) was the first to carry the PureView brand and featured a 41-megapixel camera. However, it didn't run on Windows Phone. Subsequent Windows Phone handsets carry the PureView branding but none have as powerful a lens as the 808. Could this be the Windows Phone with a whopper lens that we've been waiting for? Stay tuned

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ViziLeaks (via WPCentral)

  • WithoutWeakness
    I like the idea of better cameras on phones. Not just high megapixel counts, but actually better lenses, sensors, and processors. Smartphones are the driving force for high-performance mobile chips and it makes sense that companies are now putting better cameras on them. I don't want something like the Galaxy Camera on the back of my phone but I'm more than willing to have a bulge like this on the back of my phone if it means I can get a larger sensor and better picture quality from my $600-800 device.
  • thasan1
    im just wondering why would anyone need a 41 MP camera... that big lens makes the phone look ugly....
  • flowingbass
    phone camera image quality race! i love it! i hated megapixel race. soon enough i wont be surprised if someone managed to cram a 12x INTERNAL optical zoom without the lens protruding out from the device.
  • dalmvern
    Aside from the fact that the camera makes the phone look ugly, a 41 megapixel image is going to take up a good bit of space. If there is no expandable memory, those pictures are going to fill up a 16GB or even a 32GB internal memory quite quickly.
  • punahou1
    Remember that the high megapixels are really only good for printing very large images (poster size). Quality comes from the sensor and lens. It will be interesting to find out what improvements are planned in these areas of PureView and other manufacturers of cellular photographic technology.
  • everlast66
    Is it a big camera or just a big piece of plastic around the camera?!?
  • alidan
    everyone, look at what the 41mp picture looks like... its easily better than any other cellphone camera i have seen, but than you take that picture and shrink it to 8mp, thats where the true quality comes from in that.

    10923998 said:
    im just wondering why would anyone need a 41 MP camera... that big lens makes the phone look ugly....

    i care about function, not if some random douche on the street things im cool because i have a pretty phone...
    give me the old motorola brick phones, some of those styles had suck strong antenas you could go to the middle of the desert and still get signal, while cellphones of today are crippled because they focused on smaller and thinner...

    battery life
    the way it feels in my hand

    those are all crap with phones of today, they have no weight to them,
  • nebun
    awesome....now let's improve the battery life
  • nevilence
    I would happily go back to bulky phones if it meant better, higher quality camera. Looks to me are secondary to function, even third to function and reliability. So go nuts bulk em up =D
  • hannibal
    808 pictures are avesome and if this is any good or even better, you can really say that you bought a camera and get phone as an additional feature!
    We have all been waiting this super camera to Windows phones from Nokia announced that it will start making Windows phones. Now we are getting there. This will be the definite windows flagship phone for a while.