Leaked Photos Show Massive Camera on Nokia EOS Phone

Ever since 2012's 41-megapixel 808 PureView, there's been talk of Nokia putting a similarly powerful lens on a Windows Phone device. January brought talk of a device codenamed EOS and packing a camera similar to the one in the 808 PureView and now it seems we're getting a peek at what we can expect that device to look like.

Leaked images showing a Nokia phone with a massive camera around the back have cropped up in at least three places online. Crave points to photos appeared on Chinese-language site WPDang, that show the cover for a Nokia device with a huge hole for the device's camera (above). GSM Arena has its own set of images (one directly below) that show a similarly monstrous camera on the backside of a smartphone as well as several other photos of the device itself. WindowsPhone Central has reposted photos from a Twitter user going by the name of ViziLinks (below, second). These photos show the back of the device and its camera but the megapixel-count for the lens is censored with an 'XX.'


Nokia's 808 PureView (below) was the first to carry the PureView brand and featured a 41-megapixel camera. However, it didn't run on Windows Phone. Subsequent Windows Phone handsets carry the PureView branding but none have as powerful a lens as the 808. Could this be the Windows Phone with a whopper lens that we've been waiting for? Stay tuned

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ViziLeaks (via WPCentral)

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  • WithoutWeakness
    I like the idea of better cameras on phones. Not just high megapixel counts, but actually better lenses, sensors, and processors. Smartphones are the driving force for high-performance mobile chips and it makes sense that companies are now putting better cameras on them. I don't want something like the Galaxy Camera on the back of my phone but I'm more than willing to have a bulge like this on the back of my phone if it means I can get a larger sensor and better picture quality from my $600-800 device.
  • thasan1
    im just wondering why would anyone need a 41 MP camera... that big lens makes the phone look ugly....
  • flowingbass
    phone camera image quality race! i love it! i hated megapixel race. soon enough i wont be surprised if someone managed to cram a 12x INTERNAL optical zoom without the lens protruding out from the device.