Nokia Lumia 920 Successor Could be Aluminum

The next Nokia Lumia smartphone may be made out of aluminum instead of the typical polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate (plastic) is what's composed every Lumia since its inception. However, The Verge, citing "sources familiar with Nokia's plans", said the next smartphone in the Lumia slate will be made out of aluminum.

Purportedly code-named the Nokia Catwalk, the future Lumia handset will be the successor to Nokia's Lumia 920 flagship Windows phone, with an aluminum frame possibly making the unannounced device thinner and lighter. As well as the Catwalk, two other Lumia smartphones are also said to scheduled for a 2013 launch.

Nokia has previously incorporated an aluminum design in its handsets. The Finnish phone manufacturer's N8 from 2010 sported a metal casing in a variety of colors.

Several high profile smartphones sport a polycarbonate design, including HTC's Windows Phone 8X, Samsung's Galaxy S3, while the iPhone 5 and HTC One S feature aluminum on their chassis.

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  • Parsian
    Please throw in the 808's camera sensor and sound recording. PLEASE!!!
    To see the capabilities of the sensor watch these:

    and this
  • fleeb
    Why not Mg?
  • halcyon
    Aircraft-grade aluminium is welcome but that soda-can stuff Apple is using on the iP5 is weak, scratch-prone cheapness.
  • dns7950
    ParsianPlease throw in the 808's camera sensor and sound recording. PLEASE!!!To see the capabilities of the sensor watch these: this
    Give it the optical image stabilzation of the lumia 920, with the 41MP sensor of the 808 for zooming, and the HAAC mics of the 808 for concert audio, and im sold. I wouldn't care if it's an inch thick, weighs a pound and costs $800, id still pay it just because there's no competition.
  • Pinhedd
    fleebWhy not Mg?
    Magnesium is more expensive than Aluminum and doesn't really offer better scratch resistance
  • wardoc22
    The lumia 800's and 900's were incepted from the nokia n9.

    :\ I have an n9 myself. Harmattan is far better than windows phone imo..
  • _TuxUser_
    ParsianPlease throw in the 808's camera sensor and sound recording. PLEASE!!
    Everything depends on when they can get drivers to support the PureView camera, according to some sources within ms it will not be before second half this year. This is the reason why the PureView 808 is running Symbian.
  • Bloob
    I really doubt it. Polycarbonate is just a better material for phones. Nokia sure can do a better job of their aluminum phones than Apple, but it would still make their life unnecessarily difficult. It's fine to use aluminum if all you have to do is your basic radio signals ( have other materials where the antennas are ), but in that case you can say good bye to NFC and wireless charging.

    These seems more like a rumor made to support Apples decision to go with aluminum, but I am willing to bet that the next iPhone won't be aluminum either.
  • Well this is Zak so hes probably hinting that apple is best and everyone follows them
  • tomfreak
    please add in water resistant