Nokia Teases QWERTY Phone for April 24

Touch screens might be the norm these days, but QWERTY phones have their fans too, even if they are somewhat neglected by the current smartphone trends. However, Nokia is offering hardware keyboard fans a little bit of intrigue with a teaser for an announcement this coming Wednesday.

The company today released an image of a Nokia phone with a hardware keyboard along with the title, 'What's up at Nokia?' The image is accompanied by a brief description that details Nokia's plans to hold an event early on Wednesday morning to unveil 'something new.'


"On Wednesday morning at 7am GMT (8am UK time) we will be announcing something new, followed by a Q&A session with Neil Broadley from our Mobile Phones team and a special guest," the post on Nokia's Conversations blog reads. The company revealed nothing else about the event.

While Nokia is keeping mum on the details, commenters on the post are baying for a QWERTY Lumia. Indeed, there is a distinct lack of Windows Phones with hardware keyboards, so not only is it in Microsoft's best interest to ensure that gap is filled, but Nokia has the unique opportunity of being the one to fill it. If someone is looking for a WP8 device with a keyboard, they'll have no choice but to look to Nokia for a solution.

Of course, the device could just as easily be a feature phone and not a member of the Lumia line at all. Either way, we don't have to wait long to find out.

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  • anononon
    Id take a BB for its QWERTY keypad over anything anyday.
  • TheMadFapper
    I can never go back to the "click-click-click"ing of a real keypad/keyboard on a phone. My thumbs can fly across a touchscreen keyboard and send out a text before anyone realizes I have my phone out.
  • chicofehr
    I have a hard time thinking they can take on Blackberry with a this. This is the area where Blackberry actually dominates, though the market is a bit smaller today for it. Best of luck competing with the Q10.